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Submission + - Razormind to Invest €5 Million in New European Blockchain Banks for Poorest (razormind.co.uk)

jaeztheangel writes: State-of-the-art banking facilities in Northern Ireland and France will run on 100 percent blockchain tech

Razormind today announced a €5 million plan to build and operate two blockchain banks in Europe, each powered by 100 percent blockchain technology. The facilities, located in Paris, and Belfast, will power Razormind’s blockchain services for mobile payment including Deposit/Withdrawal, Local Payment, Bitcoin and DeOS access for customers across Europe.

Razormind is currently riding high due to their DeOS campaign. Since it started the company has raised more than $1.4 million US Dollars through the worldwide release of details on DeOS - their blockchain rival to the recently troubled Ethereum.

Comment About BitCoining Time... (Score 2) 93

Razormind, Ethereum, Eris Industries et al have been working on decentralized systems for nearly two years now. Eris released their DApp server for exactly this usecase and are working in the States to spread word of the tech. Ethereum recently pulled into release mode, and their decentralized system for smart contracts is slowly gaining momentum. Razormind has been working on a Decentralized Operating System which is driven by blockchains. The banks have only recently moved into the space properly - there was a $30m investment in Chain by Citi et al a few days ago - but folks like UBS and Barclays have been setting up blockchain labs and accelerators in London to investigate the possibilities.

Submission + - Razormind releases world's first Decentralized Desktop 2

jaeztheangel writes: Razormind Network, the company behind the Razorcoin digital currency factory, has released a blockchain driven decentralized desktop called DEOS which they believe is 'NSA-Proof' (but only time will tell). Built on a generalization of BitCoin architecture, DEOS indexes volunteered seednetwork resources, and action requests to create computing environments on the fly, encrypting end user data with their own key pair, then with the seednode key pair, and finally a master DEOS key before storing those addresses in a custom built blockchain. It then saves this encrypted data to a git-like versioning system, and distributed IPFS storage.

The proof of work algorithm in BitCoin has been stripped out and replaced with a Proof of Index system, and a measure of network entropy to determine the fastest viable computing environment. Razormind VC of Legal and Compliance Phil Sturgeon says: "We know people want privacy, and security, and most of all reliability. Our hope is DEOS will allow our users to safely import their facebook photos, iTunes music, and important documents to a safe place which no one else, not even DEOS, can spy."

Still in beta, DEOS already contains a fully fledged office suite, and native bitcoin functionality, usable from most mobile and computing platforms. It got mentioned in a recent letstalkbitcoin episode as well. Registration is free.

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