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Comment No comments on Nexon? (Score 1) 435

I'm surprised no is commenting on Nexon (if they are, it's below my filter). They are one of the greediest companies in the industry. Their business model isn't just "free-to-play", it's "pay-to-win".

Let's use MapleStory for an example:

  • - in order to change your character's build they charge you up to $12 per point. As a comparison, if World of Warcraft charged the same prices, it would cost you $912 (pre-cataclysm) to re-specialize your character. Post cataclysm would still be $492.
  • - inventory space is sold at $6 for 4 slots, with 5 different types of inventory. To maximize your characters inventory would cost you $2880
  • - you can use scrolls to enhance your equipment's stats, the best scrolls have a %10 chance to work. Or you can pay for a cash item that stops failures for $15. An average item has 7 slots. To complete a single item this way would cost $1050.

On top of all of this they are one of the worst customer support companies in gaming. Opening a ticket asking for help will take two weeks or more to get an answer, and virtually every answer is "we can't (or won't) help you."

Comment Re:My book (Score 1) 355

Top selling albums in 2010 are getting something like 1/3rd the sales that top selling albums were getting 10 years ago.

10 years ago buying full length albums was the "norm". Today it's much more common to buy your favorite two songs digitally and skip the rest of the album that's commonly seen as filler. That has to account of a large chunk of the 1/3rd number of albums you quote. (It looks like that article mentions digital singles as well - but I'm not sure how thorough it was)

I'm not saying piracy isn't a problem, just that we need to compare apples to apples to get an accurate comparison.

Comment Dongle (Score 1) 205

I don't want passwords at all anymore.

I want a USB type dongle that I carry with me like my keys or my wallet. I plug it into the PC I want to use and my (encrypted) ID and password is automatically used whenever a website or program asks for it.

The only real concern then would be losing the dongle or forgetting at home etc. But chances are by the time technology of this sort is readily available those kinks will be worked out.

Comment Re:Games (Score 1) 1880

A few years ago I answered this question by saying I wanted to walk into my local brick and mortar store, pick up a game and under system requirements see the words: "OS Requirements : Linux". It also had to be a disc I simply insert, install, and I start playing. No compiling, no tweaking, no fuss.

Reading the parent's post I realized I rarely buy a disc from a local store these days. I almost exclusively buy from steam, many times waiting for a game to be available on steam before getting it. I also try to boycott steam's competition, hoping they'll give up and move their games to steam.

So yeah. For this question I definitely agree with the parent. Bring steam _and_ it's full catalog and have it just "work" and I'll leave windows and never look back.

Comment Re:Her Defense Was Pretty Good Too (Score 1) 699

(Mods: You may not agree with my post but that does not mean it should be -1 as usually happens in "pro-religious" posts)

By far the best answer I've heard for this is as follows:

Satan challenged God's right to rule rather than his ability to rule. And the only way to disprove Satan's claim that mankind can rule themselves without God is to allow them to try.

The past $x thousand years is the 'evidence', and when it's been proven - God (and Jesus) will resume rulership undoing the evils we see today as well as preventing evil.

It is not malevolence that prevents God, but being forced (by Satan's challenge) to prove his right to rule.

Comment Re:Bad physics are a healthy reminder (Score 1) 449

This has nothing to do with physics but one of my biggest pet peeves is drivers who don't put on a seat-belt. It takes two seconds tops, and sends a good message to everyone.

- We've changed smoking in films to make it less appealing
- We've done the same with drunk driving
- Where's the outcry over seatbelts which could save just as many lives?

Comment Re:Isn't bad... (Score 1) 228

One of my favorites was in the U.S. version of "The Office" when Andy is trying to remember the end of a candy bar jingle.

Give me a break, give me a break,
Break me off a piece of that... fancy feast!

He spends the entire episode unable to remember how it actually goes. And of course nearly every viewer knows the jingle by heart, so every time he sings it, they are remembering the product name for him in their head.

Pretty impressive to do that many product placements in a single episode without ever showing or naming the product, and making it hilarious to boot.

Comment Re:CS:S 2 (Score 1) 109

My favorite version of CS is still 0.6. Though I haven't played 0.6 in years...

In 0.7 they removed "bunny hopping" - which I personally didn't care for, but the solution to removing bunny hopping also removed the fluid movement I loved so much. Ever since then the fluid movement of your character just isn't there.

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