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Comment Self Motivation is key to college (Score 1) 804

One of my professors, who happens to be among the top engineering faculty we have said something interesting when I was talking with him in office hours... He used to measure his performance by the grades his students got, then realized that if the student is motivated, they'll learn and come to class and pay attention. If they don't want to pay attention, then they're not self-motivated enough to make it anyway. If they fail, that's because they didn't take full advantage of the class. Let it be said he teaches upper-division courses, and really, if you make it that far you should be motivated enough to pay attention in class instead of facebooking anyway.

Comment Re:older developers... (Score 1) 742

I'd have to disagree. At least at my University, there's a very hard emphasis on things like basic data structures, classic computing algorithms and the hardware-software connection. Perhaps that's just because I'm studying for a computer engineering degree rather than just CS, but many of the classes even on the 200-level have at least half the course dedicated to classical CS stuff. You can't get past your third semester in CS without knowing how to effectively write and manipulate classes, BSTs, manual memory management. In sophomore year, we do microcomputer organization and you can't get past without being able to write at least rudimentary assembly.

Comment Re:bad attitudes (Score 2, Insightful) 742

The life of software is very much in its documentation and how the future programmers who touch it will use it. If millions of people are "harassing" the programmer, maybe that speaks volumes about their code. Good code is self-documenting, and where necessary, accompanied by verbose commenting. An superbly fast algorithm is near useless to anyone but the original coder if it is so obfuscated and ill-documented that nobody else can understand it.

Comment Re:Ubuntu Bleeding Edge Features Ready for Prime T (Score 1) 744

If the user is trying out Linux and doesn't want to worry about losing settings and data with different distributions? Also, the partitioning would be invisible to the user unless they are fiddling with things, and if they then discover they needed separate partitions, it's easier to have it done already than backing up data and wasting time...

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