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Comment I give zero fucks (Score 1) 246

Supply and demand baby. It rarely comes around to working stiffs. If CEOs can demand oodles of money since they're such a rare talent (haha), then techies with a desirable skill set can too.

Grab as much as you can, as fast as you can. The company will get rid of you as fast as they can sometime in the future.

Comment If you can sing to the glory of G-d... (Score 1) 518

As Robert A. Heinlein said "“Look, Ben, a roller skating rink is a church—as long as some sect claims that roller skating is essential to their faith and a part of their worship. You wouldn’t even have to go that far—simply claim that roller skating served a desirable though not essential function parallel to that which religious music serves in most churches. If you can sing to the glory of God, you can skate to the same end. Believe me, this has all been threshed out. There are temples in Malaya which are nothing—to an outsider—but boarding houses for snakes . . . but the same High Court rules them to be ‘churches’ as protects our own sects.”

Comment Re:Root cause analysis (Score 1) 118

Suggests that management hubris plays a big part in IT Failures.

I think it's a combination of hubris and naiveté. Management and architects look at legacy systems and think all the complexity is unnecessary - that they can implement a "modern" system with the methodology that is in vogue (OOA/OOD, SOA, whatever). Anyone who tries to point out that the complexity is there for a reason is branded a naysayer and ignored. Years later management and architects are still struggling to deal with all the complexities they didn't want to see at the beginning, then the money runs out.

But not before they receive their $$$$$ and moved on to their next opportunity.

Comment Re:COBOL is still vital, whether you like it or no (Score 1) 75

Banks, insurance companies would fail, and then goes the rest of the interconnected economy.

I don't think so. Banks and insurance companies mostly run on Java. They began switching away from COBOL decades ago. Few applications are still in COBOL, and even fewer of those are mission critical.

You're so wrong. Google "amount of COBOL used today" you'll see the real story.

"IBM estimates that more than 200 billion lines of COBOL code are still being used across industries such as banking..."

Comment Re:Age discrimination is obvious (Score 1) 350

There still are plenty of US based mainframe system programmers around, but less everyday for sure. As far as "qualified" mainframe systems people in India, well that's up for discussion. What I do know, based on my research is that senior people, where senior might be a little more than being able to spell zOS, they're being paid about 1/10th of what I'm being paid. People who have just had their training wheels taken off, which is most of them, are paid more like 1/15th of a US based person.

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