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Comment Re: that one lost. (Score 1) 244

So do you consider the World Series Champions based on who wins 4 games or who scores more runs in the series? Because that is pretty much your argument in this election. You are trying to justify the outcome you prefer using different rules than those accepted when the season started.

Comment Re: No? (Score 3, Informative) 375

His activities did more to help US citizens than an single figure in the last two decades.

It's critically important for citizens to know when their government is violating the contract that makes them a nation.

Because of his actions several unConstitutional programs were suspended or scaled back. And the government had to acknowledge they lied you the governed. It also has to acknowledge it lied to other countries.

The reason he is in another country is because, when you have evidence your government is breaking the law, it is illogical to assume you can get a fair hearing under the law.

Snowden never intended to stay in Russia, he was going to Equador when our government revoked his passport. The reason he had to go through countries that aren't exactly friendly with US is because he had to go through countries that wouldn't extradite him.

Comment Re: Requires a knowledge of the job (Score 1) 205

Socialism and Feudalism are the same thing, with the exception that Feudalism has king/queen/lords while Socialism has community organizers.

I find Europeans have managed to brainwash themselves to the point that while they managed to rid themselves of their monarchs. They are still not free. They are still slaves. They are still extremely limited. Socialism punishes gifted and hard working people, and socialism retards evolution. Over time socialist countries will become ever more broke, ever more lazy and they will continually devalue individual life. *

* But WTF do I know, I'm just a kid who thinks for himself, moved to Texas as fast as I could, enjoys the ranch I bought, the horses I bought, the semi-automatic guns I LEGALLY own, the non-semi-automatic guns I LEGALLY own, running my own business and raising my four kids.

Comment Re: Benign dictatorship (Score 0) 205

A true Republic is the "least bad" type of government.

A true democracy is as violent and brutal as it is short lived.

In a Republic laws protect minority interests, minority rights and minority groups. The smallest minority group that is protected being the individual.

In a Democracy the majority rules. Within true Democracy there is nothing minorities can do about it and there is nothing to protect minority interests.

If you don't understand the differences, you're not alone. The US President often refers to the US Republican form of government as a Democracy.

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