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Sears To Convert Old Auto Centers Into National Chain of Data Centers 167

1sockchuck writes "Sears plans to convert dozens of Sears Auto Center stores into a national chain of server farms, saying it wants to be "the McDonald's or Starbucks of data centers." The strategy is an evolution of Sears Holdings' previously announced plan to turn old Sears and Kmart stores into IT centers. Instead, it will focus on the more than 700 Sears Auto Centers, which include many stand-alone cement buildings on mall perimeters. Ubiquity Critical Environments, the data center arm of Sears, will team with Schneider Electric to turn these sites into data centers. They'll use repeatable modular designs to add power and cooling infrastructure, targeting at least 23 smaller cities where there currently aren't many options for IT outsourcing."

Comment Finally, the savior of the PC (Score 1) 54

With all the fancy touch enabled UIs floating around on tablets and phones, the PC can finally make a similar evolutionary advancement. Touch screens on the desktop or a laptop are annoying to reach for, but a device sitting in the keyboard is even closer at hand than a mouse. Windows 8 doesn't seem so silly now.

Submission + - XP to be phased out by year's end despite demand

An anonymous reader writes: Windows XP to be phased out by year's end despite customer demand

Computer makers have been told they'll no longer be able to get Windows XP OEM by the end of this year, despite consumer resistance to Vista and its compatibility problems.

By early 2008, Microsoft's contracts with computer makers will require companies to only sell Vista-loaded machines. "The OEM version of XP Professional goes next January," said Frank Luburic, senior ThinkPad product manager for Lenovo. "At that point, they'll have no choice."

Despite Microsoft's relentless promotion of Vista, manufacturers are still seeing plenty of demand from customers for systems preloaded with XP, especially in the finicky SOHO market. _xp_for_vista

Submission + - Police objecting to tickets from red-light cameras

caffiend666 writes: "According to this Dallas Morning New article, any "...Dallas police officer in a marked squad car who is captured on the city's cameras running a red light will have to pay the $75 fine if the incident doesn't comply with state law... Many police officers are angry about the proposed policy. The prevailing belief among officers has been that they can run red lights as they see fit." How is this a case for or against governments relying on un-biased automated systems? Or, should anyone be able to control who is recorded on camera and who is held accountable?"

Journal Journal: Anyone know of a cheap dedicated hosting company? 2

My current hosting company wants to put their prices up. I currently have a Mac Mini running OpenBSD colocated with them. I am looking to move, and have the following minimum needs:
  • 1GHz CPU,
  • 512MB of RAM,
  • 1IP,
  • 50GB/month of transfer,
  • OpenBSD or FreeBSD.
Role Playing (Games)

The Platinum Age of CRPGs 112

Matt Barton writes "I've just posted my third (and final) installment on CRPG history at GamaSutra: The Platinum and Modern Ages. This article covers the many classics released between 1994 and 2004, including Fallout, Planescape: Torment, Ultima Underworld, and of course Baldur's Gate, Diablo, and The Elder Scrolls. It also discusses why WoW and other MMORPGs aren't descended from these CRPGs (but rather MUDs). The Platinum Age produced the finest CRPGs ever made — but the future of the stand-alone, single-player CRPG looks grim."

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