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Comment Re:How is this news? (Score 1) 155

Wish I had mod points today, parent is a highly insightful post summarizing the situation and outlook perfectly.

Think of the enormous service industry as well, there are millions of people employed in the industry of servicing gasoline cars and trucks, but many of those people will be out of a job with the shift to electric vehicles, as they simply do not require the same high level of maintenance (check out the Tesla 5 year service checklist, it's ridiculous how little maintenance these cars require), and many will face challenges adapting to the new required skill set. Very little motivation from the established industry to change to something so unknown and unpredictable.

Comment Can't wait to try this! (Score 1) 84

I live in downtown Copenhagen and own a car, and yet I'm super excited about this!

With 400 cars scattered across the city, you can almost expect and plan for a car to be available in your vicinity. Huge flexibility and so many use cases.

Owning a car in Copenhagen, even a small and highly economical car is easily minimum 400 USD per month, everything included; parking, depreciation, fuel, insurance, service etc. You can drive one of these guys around for many many hours for the same price. So if you live in the city and don't need a car for the daily commute, this is a superb alternative to owning one. Have already signed up and expect to use this on a regular basis.

Comment Re:Ah no (Score 1) 143

Right, if you don't have remote users, then it's less of an issue. But the thing is, I run a lot of meetings where I need to explain some fairly complex technical things to non-tech end users.

Plug a USB Web cam into the laptop connected to the online meeting solution (we use gotomeeting) and point it at the whiteboard. Closes the loop for remote people.

Otherwise agree with your approach.

Submission + - I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling 3

An anonymous reader writes: In 1999 while writing for Forbes, Adam Penenberg wanted to see how easy it would be for hackers to access his family's bank account information, social security numbers, and online passwords. Now, in 2013, with more of our data than ever at the fingertips of nefarious operators, Penenberg is at it again, asking a group of "white-hat" hackers how easy it would be to hack his and his wife's lives.

What he found is that if someone is determined and savvy enough to access your private information, there's a good chance that person will be successful. Using a combination of phishing emails, mal-ware, and old school surveillance tactics, the team at SpiderLabs was able to take over his laptop and iPhone, and gain access to his personal bank information and online passwords.

Comment What about quality? (Score 5, Interesting) 98

This could easily have extended consequences for the quality of the devices that are put in the market over the next 1-6 months. New possibly untested stopgap suppliers, providing technology condensed sensitive parts. This won't just affect Apple, many manufacturers will get hit by this. Would be interesting to see stats for returns from some of these companies over the next few months.

Submission + - New giant offshore wind turbine with 80 m wing (

jackd writes: Quite an interesting news piece on a new giant wind turbine being able to produce a whopping 7 MW, designed for rough sea conditions. Each new Vestas turbine will be able to provide electricity for 6,500 homes. The turbine has a greater capacity to generate electricity than any machine currently working at sea. Can't help but think this announcement is relevant in the face of the nuclear troubles, but how can they possibly cope with energy demand, or compete with one 1,000 MW nuclear plant.

Submission + - Tesla Sues BBC's Top Gear For Libel ( 3

thecarchik writes: About two years ago BBC's Top Gear aired a test drive of the then relatively new Tesla Roadster. In the particular episode, Tesla Roadsters are depicted as suffering several critical “breakdowns” during track driving. Host Jeremy Clarkson concludes the episode by saying that in the real world the Roadster "doesn’t seem to work"

Tesla claims that the breakdowns were staged, making most of Top Gear'(TM)s remarks about the Roadster untrue. Tesla also states that it can prove Top Gear’s tests were falsified due to the recordings of its cars’ onboard data-loggers.

What's Tesla asking for in the lawsuit? Tesla simply wants Top Gear to stop rebroadcasting the particular episode and to correct the record.

Comment Re:They're not (Score 1) 112

The researchers are not trying to save rats. They're trying to save human lives. Unfortunately, it isn't wise to use experimental medical procedures on humans as sometimes the treatment being tested ends up doing more harm than good.

I can't tell if you're just trying to be funny or if you really don't understand this.

Thank you! I was deeply concerned there for a minute. What a waste of resources trying to create artificial rat lungs, when I can go down to my local pizza place, and find freshly dead rats, who are all great candidates for rat-to-rat transplants for example. Thanks for clearing this up. I really think they should have been more clear in the headline.

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