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Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 135

Keep in mind, this is not about a patent - it is a patent application. The USPTO has done nothing with it except charge MS their filing fees. They may disallow all the claims. Regarding all the obvious patents that we do see, as with most everything else - blame the friggin lawyers... I, and most people that I know who work at larger companies, are not supposed to look at patents (at least at work). As it was explained to me, if a company infringes on a patent it pays damages. If a company knowingly infringes, it pays 3x damages. So company lawyers don't want to let the engineers do anything that would give the appearance to a jury that they knew about prior art. So engineers aren't allowed to look for prior art and neither are the patent attorneys. But managers hear something that sounds novel, so they tell their managers to file a disclosure. Companies don't trust engineers to judge each other's work, so they have some director-level decide which patent disclosures go forward - and we all know how incompetent they generally are.... The only person left in the whole process who is responsible for determining if there is prior art is the poor patent examinar who is swamped with idiotic patent applications...

Comment Re:Is lead truly that dangerous ? (Score 1) 459

My understanding is that no one has ever documented lead leaching out of a tin-lead solder into ground water. However, silver - which is commonly used in lead-free solders will leach out and is somewhere around 100x (at least) more toxic than the lead anyway. The concept of lead-free solder having anything to do with safety or environmentalism is downright silly...

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