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Comment Devil is in the details. (Score 1) 990

90% of the time I do not drive the long distance so electric car would serve me well. However few times in a year I need long distance car. On average typical office space is occupied in 80%. 20% of workers are sick, attending remote meeting, traveling on business trip, etc. But try to run office with 80% of seats available and quickly some workers will find out, they have no seat available.
The other issue is "potential" for long travel. Buying electric car you need to assume that the need for long distance travel will not occur even if you do not plan for the moment.

Comment What an eco BS (Score 1) 211

I guess it must have been Venusians burning their fossil fuels and creating this disaster. What a piece of nonsense. No we, are not facing Venus future due to human activity. We are facing Venus future in about 2 billion years due to sun running out of hydrogen, growing in size and radiating more energy than today. Venus receives twice as much energy as Earth, has 40 times amount of gas in the atmosphere as Earth due to volcanic activity.

Comment Re: Just like trying to ban guns (Score 4, Interesting) 446

There are many kinds of encryption. During WWII British radio was using previously agreed phrases to activate French resistance. Can you arrest someone for sending message: "Uncle Henry is sick today" ? Where do you draw a line? What if I encode message into RAW camera image such that it does not affects how an eye see the image but otherwise has fully encoded text in the lower bits of the image pixels (text itself still encoded by cipher)? Those in many cases might be indistinguishable from normal camera noise and it will be very hard to prove that the image has a hidden message inside it and that it is breaking the law. Cameras typically have 14 bit deep RAW images and human eye only distinguishes 8 bit. So for each pixel of the image I can encode (naively) 6 bits of message and still have an image that the eye will not see the difference. Obviously the example is naive. In real life less bits with smarter algorithm would have to be used to make impossible to prove that the image has hidden message beyond noise.

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