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Comment Re:Human touch is seen as empathetic (Score 1) 137

The creep factor only comes in because you know it's a robot and not human , the touching itself is just a physical sensation detected by your skin. You can program a robot to hold,stroke,nudge,caress,squeeze. It would just be a matter of somehow disguising convincingly it as a human,and somehow programming some psychoanalysis ai to determine the correct times to hold,stroke,nudge,caress,squeeze. Empathy is an interpreted thing, we decide that an action or person is empathetic. which is why people can act sympathetic but really are not.

Comment Re:I still like ubuntu (Score 1) 374

Would you identify with it more if you thought about ubuntu as an entry point to linux for most new users and people switching from windows and apple?To all the people I introduce linux to ,I give them ubuntu... as they grow and learn and their needs change they then choose a different distro or stay with ubuntu,but the important thing is that they realise how good the linux world is,and stay with linux and also spread it to others. somebody has to do the dirty job of stealing win/apple users, and ubuntu is the only one that does that best.

Comment Re:Can we speculate about what Ballmer is thinking (Score 1) 256

"The longer that microsoft wait,the more irrelevant their products become".......... This is true, but also, the less time there is between updates, the more it undoes their vendor lock in. their customers will get more and more dissatisfied at having to do another expensive upgrade which may break backwards compatibility. There are still many people, companies and institutions running winXP,and there is already talk of windows 8. So while they can't afford to lag behind competition, they also can't afford to release upgrades too quickly. I'm making a guess that their revenues from windows and office sales have been declining. People may,at some point, refuse to spend more of their money on upgrading,and if antagonised by microsoft with lack of updates, they may just start looking towards open source or/and free alternatives. microsoft is a large company and they probably can't afford to sell win8 and office whatever at a competitive enough price to lure new customers,or convince a few existing ones to upgrade.

Comment Re:FL (Score 1) 158

Hey man, if you're going to bother with punctuation, sort out your parentheses. mkay? It makes it easier to understand your train of thought.

Comment Embrace, Extend,Extinguish. (Score 1) 114

It may have just struck them that there is an appetite for truth out there that wikileaks is busy feeding. They are in the prime position to embrace, extend, extinguish. In their extinguish phase,I suspect they'll begin turning on wikileaks and Julian Assange by scandalising, spreading doubt and making them out to be the enemy,and naturally the public will sing in chorus,forgetting all the truth wikileaks had revealed ,and embracing the old king as the real voice of truth. Disclaimer: this is my very pessimistic view.

Comment Re:Riiight (Score 1) 815

The following is based on hunch feelings and no scientific background.I highly doubt that this is just a chance discovery,im no physicist, but as advanced as physics is today,the discovery of such a phenomenon is something that should have followed intuitively. was some new process discovered recently that is only now being applied? is their reactor THAT revolutionary ? the paranoid voice in me even goes as far as saying that they were just sitting on this while waiting for something, or something came up that forced them to reveal this. in any case,it's a promising development,and i'll give them a thumbs up for their hard work.

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