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Comment Re:Instapaper Servers Stolen in Bust (Score 1) 84

The blog is a place to vent. The fact of the matter is that unlike other circumstances where one would be justified in filing a complaint that their hardware was illegally seized, there was well documented warrant that was executed. Now, I also realize that other hardware was taken as they were hauling off entire racks of servers. The individuals complaining about this procedure lack both an understanding of exigent circumstances and cryptography. In many cases exigent circumstances are cited as a bullshit reason to justify an otherwise illegal search. In the DigitalOne case, the servers had to be captured without the loss of power to prevent the crypto keys from leaving the RAM. Exigent circumstances exists to specifically to capture evidence before it can be deleted. In this case it fit the letter of the law exactly. As such, I would suggest finding a better avenue to vent about abuse of power. There are plenty examples of unconstitutional searches that we don't want to diminish a legitimate argument by yelling about something that was actually logical. As an addendum, I also realize that you can freeze the ram with liquid nitrogen and transport it that way, but if you've ever tried to do it you would realize that it's a pain in the ass with a huge margin for error. That margin for error also factored into why the server were captured the way they were.

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