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Comment Re:That's why I like the basic Kindle (Score 0) 418

The great advantage of the eBook to me is when I travel. As a voracious reader on, say a 2 month trip, book weight/volume used to make up a lot of my flight allowance, so the (basic) Kindle in particular is great, with my HP Touchpad a clear 2nd; keep that for magazines and vids. My complaint is that non fiction is not well represented in eBook format and that, given the saving to the publishers and distributors, the price is still high.

Comment Too true! (Score 0) 1040

Personal experience in or with private schools both here and in the UK would tend to confirm the findings. Even such things as "athletic supports" were "borrowed" at my old school; although I assume they were clean ones!
The Military

Submission + - Laser guided bullet can hit targets a mile away (gizmag.com)

jpwilliams writes: Gizmag reports that researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have tested a 10-inch bullet that can be fired from a smooth-bore rifle to hit a laser-marked target one mile away. Interestingly, "... the accuracy improves the further away the target is. 'Because the bullet's motions settle the longer it is in flight, accuracy improves at longer ranges.'"

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