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Comment Re:The "antenna array" is a McGuffin (Score 1) 342

So following the "letter" instead of the "intent" of the law is "abuse" now? What about when the government follows the "letter" of a three-srikes law, and sentences (or threatens to sentence) someone for their third strike, which happens to be lifting a snickers bar? Or uses forfeiture laws, which were "intended" to punish drug dealers to take whatever they want from anyone they want (like "your underage son got a blow job from his sixth-month-older-but-over-legal-age girlfriend in your car, so it's ours now")?

Comment Re:The original /. (Score 1) 276

I remember all that, plus using Norton's defrag to put IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS on the floppy first, followed by CONFIG.SYS, then the drivers in the order they appeared in CONFIG.SYS, then COMMAND.COM and AUTOEXEC.BAT, then anything in AUTOEXEC.BAT in the order they appeared, just to get the boot time down. I think I got the boot time down to a quarter of what it was, if not faster.

Comment Re:Platform == racketeering (Score 1) 724

You don't have to use Google Play to distribute your app, because installing other app stores or direct downloads is a check box in the phone's settings, not a matter of jail-breaking the phone and voiding the warranty. How many times do we have to repeat this? I had a dozen Humble Bundle games installed on my phone before I even left the store or entered my google account, because I had them on the micro-SD card I brought with me when I bought the phone.

Comment Re:Google Police (Score 1) 200

Even the cheap $30 earpiece I got from Wal-Mart tells me when it's not connected to the phone. Just this morning, I started pulling out of my driveway when it said "Lost connection." I had left the phone on my desk in the living room. If I turn it on and my phone isn't in range, it says "No phone is connected" instead of "Phone one connected" after announcing the talk time.

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