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Comment If you have range anxiety, don't get an EV (Score 2) 398

If everybody's needs were identical, we would not have the variety of vehicles that we have. I live in Boston but as an IT consultant have to lug stuff around often to my clients and also ferry my teenage son to places not easily served by public transport. I drive under 30 miles in a normal day and need something small that I can easily park on the street, so I leased a Smart electric. Real world range is 40 miles winter, 60 miles rest of the year, I charge it every night and I can park it anywhere, hell, the lease on the car is less than the gas I sued to spend on my jack of all trades SUV that I have sidelined. In short, it is the perfect car for me (other than looking foolish as hell) but it would be the completely wrong car for most people. Horses for courses.

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