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Submission + - EduHookUps.com Rebooting, Security an Issue (edenfantasys.com) 1

jabberwock writes: "EduHookUps.com, a sex-dating site started at the University of Chicago that has been spreading to campuses across the U.S. since March, is under new management and will effectively be starting over. News on the site indicates that the site, which has prided itself on providing anonymity, may not have been secure. “ all user data generated to date (posts, private messages, etc.) will be reset in the interest of privacy and security. The registration system will be re-enabled, and all current members will need to re-register.” SexIs magazine reports that the domain name was sold for $1,000."

Submission + - Free (Virtual) ... Uhhh ... Sex Acts (edenfantasys.com)

jabberwock writes: Relax and enjoy, Slashdot. Yes, I know that porn is almost never news, hereabouts. But remember how we were all promised virtual sex, back in the '90s, along with jetpacks, flying cars and free fusion power?

It looks like another big leap forward. And I think we need geeks in Las Vegas next month to get out there and test, test, test.

I have no idea how I ought to to tag this story. But I *know* that "Steve Jobs" or "IPhone" would be so very wrong. Free Virtual You-Know-Whats

Social Networks

Submission + - Top 'Swing States': Crunching the AFF Numbers (intotemptation.net)

jabberwock writes: "Alaskans may vote conservatively but the state that brought us Gov. Sarah Palin leads the nation in memberships per capita to the world's largest site for swingers, adult chat and adult personal ads. The nation's capital, Washington, D.C., ranks third.

The statistics gnomes at intotemptation.net, meaning me, spent a day and change crunching and analyzing the publicly available records at AdultFriendfinder.com, which claims more than 16 million members in the United States, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. In Alaska, there are 123 members of Adult Friendfinder, or AFF as it is commonly known, for every 1,000 adults in the state — 60,797 memberships out of an adult population of 493,869.

Wyoming is No. 2, according to the study, at 92.83 members per 1,000 adults. Washington, D.C., home to the nation's most scintillating sex scandals, has 92.07 AFF members per 1,000 adults.

Anyone surprised? :-)"

Social Networks

Submission + - FaceBook Sex Game Growing in Popularity (intotemptation.net)

jabberwock writes: "FaceBook has a virtual hookup club, where you can seduce hotties, proposition MILFs and DILFs and, in general, embark on that career of sexual conquest that thus far, perhaps, has eluded you in real life. If you're not satisfied with your success, recruiting an entourage "will help you pick-up hotter hotties in the Club and accomplish kinkier sexual conquests. Size does matter ..." (IntoTemptation.net)

Relax, people. It's a game.

But ... these are people you want to have privacy issues with? Uhhhh ...

SEXGAMES: High-stakes seduction If you don't have a FaceBook account, the link will do you no good — you'll get a message saying "Use of application 'SexGames' has been restricted.""

Social Networks

Submission + - SexyAds.com moving toward free/open access (intotemptation.net) 1

jabberwock writes: "In a move that may have some profound implications for the world of online adult personals, SexyAds.com founders Jayce and Maureen Shaw said in email to members today that the adult dating/naughty photos site will shift to "fully featured adult networking."

The email said a press release was forthcoming but it doesn't seem to be out yet. News and background on the story at:


This is the first major shot in the battle between Free and Paid in adult social networking, as "Myspace for Adult" startups maneuver to challenge the likes of AdultFriendFinder, now readying for a $500M IPO.

Free or Paid? Who wins, in the online dating world, whether traditional or adult?"


Submission + - Former legislator fired for porn on laptop (intotemptation.net)

jabberwock writes: "Not surprisingly, "cubancigar107 is nowhere to be found on Adultfriendfinder.com today. That was allegedly the AFF user name of former Florida Republican State Rep. Gus Barreiro of Miami Beach, who was fired from his job at the state Department of Juvenile Justice in January. Investigators said yesterday that they found adult pornographic images on his state-owned laptop.


AFF, of course, is the social-sexual networking site that is home to user-uploaded NSFW images and videos. But there are, no doubt, a LOT of users who can't resist checking their messages while at work. Does that mean they should all be fired? How different is that, say, from checking any other personal messages?"


Submission + - You Can't Say 'Fuck' on Google Ads (intotemptation.net)

jabberwock writes: "Call me naive, but I was surprised this morning to find out that I can't use the word "Fuck" in a Google ad.

You also cannot say "F*ck."

However you CAN say "F^ck." Which is obviously much more civilized ... how, exactly? I didn't check out the rest of my keyboard character choices.

Is there a public list of words banned by Google AdSense? And what would George Carlin have to say about this?"

Social Networks

Submission + - Internet Sexual Networking and STDs (intotemptation.net)

jabberwock writes: "Internet pervs Make healthier sex partners?

"Finding sex through the Internet does not increase the risk of catching the two most common sexually transmitted infections, a U.S. survey published in Sexually Transmitted Infections has found."

That's the lead on a story by Gus Cairns at aidsmap news. And we're NOT talking about cybersex here. Believe it or not, Slashdotters, people have actual, real life sex with other people after meeting them online ..."


Submission + - AMA Isn't Against Medical Tourism (bridgehealthinternational.com)

Jeff Schult writes: "The American Medical Association (AMA) has taken a formal stance on medical tourism, and the biggest news is, perhaps, this: They aren't against it.

"We need to address the cost of care in the U.S. and cover the uninsured so that every American who needs health care can get it right here at home," said AMA Board Member J. James Rohack, M.D. "Until there is significant action at home, patients with limited resources may turn elsewhere for care. It is important that U.S. patients have access to credible information and resources so that the care they receive abroad is safe and effective."

(Cont.)at: The Bridge blog"


Submission + - Yahoo! eliminating 'Adult Profiles' on April 9 (jeffschult.com)

jabberwock writes: "Yahoo! announced today, in e-mail to members, that it is eliminating adult profiles.

This affects an astounding number of people, ranging from webcam girls (of course) and swingers and exhibitionists and porn-lovers ... all the way to those who have been told that they have to have an adult profile in order to belong to a Yahoo group for, say, cosmetic surgery (because of graphic images, etc.)

The Yahoo e-mail did not indicate what, if anything would happen to groups that required adult membership (indeed, in at least some cases I know of, Yahoo required that group members have adult profiles.)"

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