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Comment Re:Hypocrites who push advertising on the net (Score 1, Interesting) 507

Find a different business model.

Sure, as long as you're also willing to go take your business somewhere else too.

If you don't like the terms of my website, or software or whatever, then fine. Take your business elsewhere. But don't try and justify saying you want to take my work and not agree to my terms at the same time. How is that anything other than stealing?

Comment Re:Wow, they trained you good! (Score 4, Insightful) 507

Playing devil's advocate with an analogy here:

You walk into my store. I tell you that everything in the story is free for you take - books, CDs, DVDs, games, whatever. However, before you walk out with the goods, you have to listen to a 30 second message from a sponsor of the store. So you grab what you want and then tell me to f*** off when it comes time to listen to the message.

So... how is that fair? How is that not stealing? As a store owner, I'm not going to just let you steal the goods. If you don't agree with the terms, then go shop somewhere else. Maybe someone that will require you to pay with money instead of time.

You may not like that a website puts up ads. And I may not like how someone licenses their content or their software. But if I don't like the terms, I simply walk away. I don't steal it in some childish act of disobedience. instead, I support some other store, artist or company that offers terms I can accept.

This is the part I could never understand about those blocking ads or pirating games, software, music or movies. It is stealing. And if you don't like it, fine. Go support someone else.

Comment Re:I'm signed up to have my head put in cryostorag (Score 1) 479

And who knows - there's some slight chance they WILL figure out how to download the person from a frozen-head-saved-game into a new model body (or fix the cracks in the brain, implant it in a cloned corpus, and restart it) - and somebody will think it's worthwhile to try it with me. Then it's time travel to the far future.

Yeah, but seriously. Under what sort of conditions would someone in the future decide to revive some reasonably rich dude from the past (hey, if you can afford cryostorage in this day and age, you're richer than 95% of the world).

I seriously doubt someone will someday say, "Hey, we don't have enough old rich dudes. Let's go resurrect some." Nope. Instead, you are going to be turned into an experiment. If you ever resurrect, it's not gonna be pretty.

Comment Mostly full (Score 1) 450

My drives are mostly full.

I have 160 GB filled on my main 200 GB drive. 30 GB is a Vista image. The other is my main OS X drive, with applications, documents, code, etc.

My media drive has 200 GB of 460 GB full. That's music, photos and video. But I recently offloaded all of my (legally downloaded) TV Shows and Movies, and that's about another 100 GB there.

All told I have about 500 GB worth of data that I care about and I have backed up on multiple drives. Most are music, video and photos. I could likely delete a lot of the photos, but space is cheaper than the time it would take me.

Comment Re:It's been time for YEARS (Score 1) 948

I would hope that all desktop OS's are used by enthusiasts. ... If people are running an OS for some other reason, then we have problems...

Expecting everyone to be an enthusiast is incredibly myopic. Most people don't care about their OS. Most don't care about their computer. They care about their paycheck, their family, and sometimes the work they have to do which often involves a computer.

Are you an enthusiasts about the car brand you drive? The type of pen you use to write with? The chair design you sit on? Some people are. But to expect everyone to be is just ridiculous.

Comment Hadn't read Watchmen before (Score 1) 523

I'm a bit ashamed to admit I hadn't read Watchmen before the movie, despite collecting comics through my youth. I was a bit too much in love with X-Men and Marvel at the time.

Anyway, I just saw the movie last night and I really liked it. I thought it was one of the best comic-based movies I've ever seen and a great movie of any genre.

I knew there would be lots of little things I wouldn't pick up, but I'm fine with that. Nothing confused me.

In fact, I purposefully didn't read the original novels yet because I wanted to experience the movie directly with less chance of being disappointed.

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