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Comment Re:No chance of ruining the species... (Score 4, Insightful) 1034

in some races good husbands are hard to find so women have more biracial babies

This is rather offensive... I've dated men of various races and plan to have biracial children with my SO, not because of any scarcity of "good men" leading me to "settle" but rather because race is not part of my criteria for love.

Comment Re:And the Female side of things? (Score 5, Insightful) 1034

Agree - as a non-gamer woman, I can see the parallels between a guy's solitary somewhat compulsive gaming and me clicking through page after page of cute shoes on Amazon when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I don't think the problem is the activities so much as the mental stress of too much information and too many choices in everyday life.

Comment Priorities (Score 2) 589

As a woman and professional developer, my reason for not participating in OSS is lack of time / energy to devote to it. I have other priorities for the hours I'm not at work, such as going to the gym, cleaning, cooking / baking, spending time on family and romantic relationships, reading, etc. I assume these priorities have been shaped by my upbringing and culture, and in my experience they differ from average American male priorities. I feel less pressure to achieve a prestigious career or a high level of competence in a hobby, but more pressure to keep a clean attractive home, to spend time on my appearance, to help organize / cook for family events, and to accommodate / support my SO's career goals. Personally I don't resent the time spent on housework, it is my choice to change the sheets and vacuum regularly rather than nagging my SO or tolerating a messy home, but I do believe these choices are the result of my upbringing as a "girl" and the cultural pressure to be "feminine" and a "homemaker" even, or maybe especially, while pursuing a career in a male-dominated field.

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