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Comment same here (Score 1) 433

I have this same situation where I work. The reason for the gaslighting obviously is that the ahole *wants* me to quit. That is the whole point. So everyone here saying "Quit! Quit!" is just playing into the hopes of the gaslighter. However, finding a job is not so easy anymore, so just giving up because it sucks is not entirely an option. Especially since it tends to happen at every job. (I am a female engineer). What I find works best is just stick to your guns as best you can, diplomatically and logically (What would Spock do?), but since he is in a superior position (lead engineer), I frequently have to 'Disagree but Commit' in the interest of getting things done. If he truly is an ahole - it's not happening only to you. In my case, the ahole has made enemies of all the other teams and departments we interact with. He's a moron who is driving us over a cliff, IMO, but I gotta make a living. I point out the errors in the plans he makes, he pretends he didn't hear or can't understand the reasoning. Eventually I will quit, probably after I hit the two year mark (6 months to go) and then go to another job where another ahole awaits. Or maybe, maybe there is a job with no aholes. I pray for this my entire life, hasn't happened yet. Best of luck.

Comment Re:Personal Anecdote (Score 1) 83

Agree. The console doesn't show you everything. And the "eventual consistency" aspect bites hard when you check the console one moment and see certain values, come back again, the values are way way up, come back again, they are back down to almost nil. The company seems to have adopted the "eventual consistency" notion as an over-arching theme of how they do everything. I am guessing the problem is that the system is too vast and complex and no one really knows how it all works and tracking down charges is difficult with so many moving parts. There seems to be no way to drill down and account for the charges accurately. It's all very fuzzy and the effect on the user experience is that the logic behind how they charge you is very dodgy and no one can explain it.

Submission + - Does Facelift Gym Work (doesfaceliftgymwork.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Facelift gym is a small device that acts like a little personal trainer for our eyes and workouts the muscles under eyes through its vibration movement

Submission + - Cheap, Biodegradable Sugar Batteries Could Be Refilled Like Toner Cartridges (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: Even today's best rechargeable lithium batteries do lose their ability to hold a charge after a while, and are considered toxic waste once discarded. In just a few years, however, they may be replaced by batteries that are refillable and biodegradable, and that will also have a higher energy density yet a lower price ... and they'll run on sugar.

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