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Comment Re:Because you think Google is any better? (Score 1) 218

Google doesn't (as far as I know) sell user information to advertisers. They exclusively use their own analytics; all an advertiser can do is submit their target demographics and keywords, and let Google do the math.

This is an oft quoted statement. Does that imply/insinuate others (like fb) do ? I think fb and Google might be the same in this regard.

If you're not using their services (at least passively), you're definitely not making them money.

When I send an email from my non-Gmail account to somebody who uses Gmail, is this still true ?

Comment Re:Adblock + (Score 1) 156

ABP and their ilk might work effectively on sites where you do not have an "account". On sites that you do, they already have a mechanism to identify you and all ABP does would be to block the ad content from being displayed. The tracking and mining cannot be avoided.

Of course, if just not displaying the ads is your concern, all is well.

Even the paid Google Apps for Domain product has a check box to let Google display ads as it would for non-paid accounts. It probably implies Google is tracking and mining content from the paid accounts, even if the ads (which obviously utilize the output of the analytics) are not displayed.

In this context, it is laughable that anybody would pay FB to just not display ads, but have them tracked and their data mined anyway.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 69

Courage, self confidence, and willing to sacrifice is all that's needed for a revolution to start.

What is needed for a revolution is a significant portion of the populace to feel that they have nothing to loose. That has been the case throughout history. Seemingly autocratic regimes are tolerated as long as the percentage of population that feels this way is substantially smaller than those who feel altering status quo would cause them to loose something they have (aka middle-class in modern terminology). This is the buffer between the (lots of) haves and have nots.

Comment Re:Three horse race (Score 1) 142

MS WP7 is a stop gap implementation. A new phone UI over an old crappy embedded OS (WinCE child). That's why it's .Net only, they know they will have to scrap the foundation and put a real OS ASAP. And they said W8 will support ARM. I'm sure it's not only for low power servers... So by W8, they will have a unified core that can be used for phone and PC.

I think Nokia is waiting for some development like this over WP7, which is probably the reason for the delay - late 2011/early 2012 for the Nokia /WP phones.

I find it quite depressing to be frank. I would rather see a clean start from a clean base.

As somebody who still (occasionally) uses a Nokia E61i, I share your sentiment. The E61i still beats the N1 in terms of VoIP voice quality, battery usage when connected to SIP over WiFi and a host of UI areas (why does Android treat screen lock time out and security time out to be the same - come on Google, this has been a requested feature since 1.6). With all the focus on apps everywhere, simple but essential features like this are overlooked.

I hope some OEM takes MeeGoo and runs with it. That's the only hope for a base OS that runs from phones to tablets to whatever else the future holds.

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