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Comment Nut up or Shut up (Score 2, Informative) 1051

See, here's the thing: I don't care.

Clearly you have the technology to withhold content from users running adblockers, so why don't you just do that?

Why don't we make a deal? I don't care how you run your site if you don't care how I run my browser. If that means excluding me from your content if I refuse to look at ads or run flash or scripts, then so be it. If its compelling enough content to make me turn off my ad blocker, than I will. If you're worried about losing impressions due to people not knowing why your site isn't rendering, include a message saying as much in the ad-block version.

Its time to nut up or shut up. Bitching about it in this article is a lame attempt at emotional extortion.

Comment Re:It's the freeloaders time (Score 1) 1051

"Another issue with adverts that seems not to be covered here is the idea that advertisers can (and are) using internet advertisments to build profiles on users."

and YET, at least in the case of Arse Technical's ad providers, they clearly aren't using those profiles to target ads at visitors (hence the GQ and Kobe ads), which begs the question: What are they doing with the data they are collecting?

Comment Re:Abuse of dominant marketshare... (Score 1) 297

"No. Amazon sells eBooks for less than $10."

Except when they are more than $10, which many are. I don't get why they would drop one publisher for wanting to sell their books for a higher price when they have plenty of books that are sold for more than $10. Something else must be going on here. My guess is MacMillan already had a deal to sell for $9.99 and tried to get out of it.

Comment Re:Kindle v. iPad (Score 1) 297

Yeah, sadly, I agree. The unfortunate thing is why does everything always have to devolve into some kind of either-or fanboy sports metaphor. Why do we have to root for either the iPad OR the Kindle. I get that the iPad is a digital consumption device, and part of digital consumption is ebooks, so there is a logical semi-competition there. But it seems like the iPad, especially in puff pieces like this CNN article, is being sold with "Why would you want to ever buy a Kindle, when for a mere doubling of the price you can get this thing that does essentially* what the Kindle does AND so much more. (*essentially is defined as not quite the same thing because of certain key fundamental differences, but for the purposes of this ad we will ignore those.)"

I mean, is anybody in their right mind really saying "Well, I was going to buy a Kindle, but now that the Apple Kindle-killer has come out, I am going to spend twice as much, because I never really understood what the hell I wanted in the first place anyway." Maybe they are, and I am just disgruntled.

Anyway, I like my Kindle just fine for reading books. It does it incredibly well. I would consider ditching it for the iPad if the experience would be the same, but its not. There's no reason I can't get an iPad too for the other stuff it does, but it doesn't look like a very good ebook reader when you compare Apples to Apples (IMHO).

Comment Re:This made my day (Score 1) 372

Unless of course they thought it might make them look more guilty to put out a vaccine on such short notice that they sat on it for 3-6 months and settled for the mere assload of money these companies all made on sharing the vaccine production rather than the super king kamehameha assload of money they would have gotten from a de facto monopoly.

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