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Submission + - Origin of Life paper, published in 1955, retracted

Fantastic Lad writes: In 1955, Homer Jacobson, a chemistry professor at Brooklyn College, published a paper called "Information, Reproduction and the Origin of Life" in American Scientist, the journal of Sigma Xi, the scientific honor society. Since then, his work has been used by Creationism theorists to argue against evolution, citing that Dr. Jacobson's work proved it was impossible for basic organic compounds to form naturally on their own. Dr. Jacobson, at age 84, upon doing a google search, discovered that his work was being cited by creationist websites, and saw that their citation was based on an error he had made, wrote to American Scientist to retract the 52 year-old paper. "It is not unusual for scientists to publish papers and, if they discover evidence that challenges them, to announce they were wrong. The idea that all scientific knowledge is provisional, able to be challenged and overturned, is one thing that separates matters of science from matters of faith."

Submission + - Radiohead to offer free downloads of new album (

Adam9 writes: Radiohead, the internationally renowned band, has taken the unusual step of telling fans that they can pay as much or as little as they like for the band's new album In Rainbows. In a break from industry tradition the UK band famous for hits including Creep, Paranoid Android and Karma Police, has told fans "it's up to you" what they pay to digitally download the album. Radiohead is free to sell its album directly from its official website because it is no longer tied to a record label. So far the album is only available to pre-order from the website, where it can be downloaded on release on October 10.

Submission + - Court Blocks Early Access to Experimental Drugs

ktappe writes: "A U.S. appeals court ruled that terminally ill patients don't have a constitutional right to use experimental drugs that have passed limited safety trials but haven't been proved safe and effective.

A fundamental right to use drugs under development can't be established because such access isn't 'deeply rooted' in U.S. history and tradition (as if new, experimental drugs could have much history), according to the 8-2 ruling issued today by a panel of judges on the Court of Appeals. sid=a5py.PD9bnUs&refer=home"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Futurama Movie Set for November 27th (

kevin_conaway writes: "TV Squad informs us that the new Futurama movie will be available on November 27th. The show will return as a full-length high-def film sold on DVD. It will be followed by three additional films, and each film will be divided into four episodes each to be aired on Comedy Central. So, that's 4 DVD movies or 16 new episodes depending on how you look at it."

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