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Comment Re:Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 1) 379

Let's clarify some blurred lines here.

If you are an engineer working at a gear company (a topic you would not likely pursue on your own) and come up with a new patent at work or out of work, the company should own it; that is, why would you have been working on it otherwise?

Flip-side, if at the same company you come up with a new patent for brakes, computer algorithms, etc., and it has nothing to do with the company you work for then they will not own it.

You didn't sell out your inventive rights with your employment agreements.

Comment Re:Definitive real-word testing not possible (Score 1) 136

The only way to actually accomplish this is to have sensors and recorders on every car all the time and measure it and average it over time (and after the fact).

There's nothing inherently wrong with that, though.

Huh? Nothing wrong with that? Perhaps you might reconsider. At what point do you draw the line on people tracking your activities? Driving? Walking? Brushing teeth? Personal bathroom time? Need I continue?


Most of us are already having our mileage recorded by our insurance company every six months.

What insurance company are you using? I've seen the progressive insurance ads but no one I know has told me about allowing an insurance company to put a GPS tracker in their car for mileage, distance, speed, areas traveled, etc. nor the perks from doing so. There are much better insurance companies than progressive though some might think otherwise because of the snappy commercials.

I just can't see how you would agree to allowing someone to have access to your records unless you are a really boring driver.

Comment Re:Why I thought... (Score 1) 359

I will agree with you that both Star Trek and Star Wars are really more along the lines of a fantasy story (Star Wars in particular) but defining science fiction, that is, the traits commonly associated with the genre it a bit more complicated; you'd probably agree with that though as it would take forever to type up a more detailed response.

Star Trek, however, pretty much meets most criteria for science fiction if examined closely so while it may have some operatic qualities, especially with the recent reboots, it meets most of the basic principles, even if it doesn't have the same feel as a highbrow classic scifi movie/novel.

Comment Re:Did the value exist at all if it disappeared? (Score 1) 215

What a worthless response to a great post about the difference between value and price. Let's try this again with a comparable example that might help you understand: The price of water does not change the value of water. Or how about replacing the word "value" with "desire" as desire is the classical reason people want gold, logical or not: The price of gold does not change the desire for gold or better yet for all the foodies out there, the price of chocolate does not change the desire for chocolate.

Comment Re:Math doesn't work out (Score 1) 1023

Self checkouts are wonderful if you only have 2-3 items to purchase at a supermarket, so long as none of those items require locating a hard to find produce code. In the US, unfortunately, it is common to find a shopper with a full cart for a family of 12 (only feeding 4 rather large appetites of course) struggling to get through a self checkout which ruins the experience for the poor souls behind them. This is further compounded by watching the 3-4 attendants necessary for supporting confused shoppers when you know that any one of those employees is many times faster at tallying up the groceries than a shopper on their own.

I'm starting to suspect that the only thing that self checkouts are really good for is to save some folks the social embarrassment of buying tampons and similar private goodies for their spouse.

Comment I own several Trump neckties (Score 1) 623

All of my Trump licensed ties are fantastic in terms of construction, materials, and styling. Unfortunately for the angry anti-Trump masses, I bought them all at TJ Max for $10-12 bucks a year after Macy's passed them on for next years model...ok, so maybe I shouldn't have emphasized styling but hey! I saved $30-50 bucks per tie.

Most people buy ties at the store so that they can physically check them out...just can't see Amazon as the primary market for Trump clothes. If their petition does work then I would wager that the people that make the ties are the ones that will be impacted most by the rabid anti-Trumpers, not the Don himself.

Comment Re: Save the children (Score 1) 1095

I'm skulking, not lurching...lurching is a physical movement...unless you are referring to me lurching over in laughter! You've called me out for lying about people (who?), oppressing people (a hipster lumberjack in a dress or dirty old uncles?), and poorly formed arguments (duh...) based off of one misunderstood sentence, perhaps that I could have phrased better, that you chose to rant on at me about. You seem to have an invested interest transgendered individuals but somehow am unaware of a reference to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Go watch it, you'll love it. Same goes for The Birdcage. Go spend sometime in the village in NYC or Boys Town in Chicago and you'll meet some pretty awesome transgendered folks.

A civilized country helps individuals come to accept and love themselves as who they are, not help them further down a path of self-loathing through sex change, botox, and other efforts to get themselves on the cover of Vogue; you don't have to agree but I'm not aware of anyone being happy at the end of that tunnel. And besides, it should be very clear to you that America is hardly the definition of civilized after watching recent political events.

Comment Re: Save the children (Score 1) 1095

ROFL!!!! Are you still taking this seriously? Ok, fine, I'll apologize for flamebaiting obviously have an invested interest in the topic. I'll call the gov of NC and get the law law recalled immediately to stop the oppression that I've caused.

I'm also sorry for not taking grown men in dresses and rich people who can get a sex change seriously...and don't get me started about their fashion sense! I'll also invite transgendered truckers to take my daughter to the bathroom with them. Haha! Just can't help myself! As you noted, I'm just such a bad person!

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