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Comment Good quality is not necessarily expensive (Score 1) 249

I have a good, yet older surround sound setup for the TV, but these days I'm all about the headphones because you can listen to those as loud as you want all day and night! If you keep an eye out on price-watching sites, it's really not that expensive for some quality stuff. I think I've spent about $450 on my DAC/amp/headphone setup by picking up things on sale or clearance, and it will last quite a while if you take care of it. But if you go down the "wood knobs, voodoo magic cables" route, the situation would be quite different...

Comment Re:OLD Hardware (Score 1) 179

Different guy here: I would love to get one of those but they are significantly more expensive (granted the hardware does look very nice, it's probably worth it). I'm tempted to pick up a Libreboot X200 sometime soon, with 8GB RAM and an SSD it should be more than adequate for running a lightweight desktop and doing all the stuff I typically do. The keyboard looks very nice.

Submission + - Skydiver catches meteorite on video (www.nrk.no)

vidarlo writes: A Norwegian skydiver, Anders Helstrup, caught a falling meteorite on video. This is the first reported instance in the world of his happening, and the rock fell close to the skydiver. NRK writes:

Although Helstrup is still not completely convinced that it was indeed a meteorite that flew past him, the experts are in no doubt.

“It can’t be anything else. The shape is typical of meteorites – a fresh fracture surface on one side, while the other side is rounded,” said geologist Hans Amundsen.

The video in the article shows the metorite. It's in the dark flight phase, with low velocity.

Comment Re:The question on my mind is... (Score 1) 453

Could be, not sure. I know that over here in my neck of the woods, the farms are being sourced by one large US producer and 3 from overseas. The article mentions that only the turbines would be Chinese-sourced, but all the companies I know of with farms here produce their own turbines. If they struck up a deal with a Texas company to build the towers and slap Chinese turbines on them, my best guess is that it would be Trinity. But there's not really any details in the article, so who knows. Like I said, this will be interesting to watch :)

Comment The question on my mind is... (Score 5, Interesting) 453

...where the hell are they going to put them? I'm sitting here in West Texas in an office of a major tower manufacturer; and we have 80 towers worth of sections sitting in our storage lot (which is being expanded) that the company purchasing them can't find a home for. A couple of sites have been proposed, but they fell through because it would cost too much to build the infrastructure to connect them to the grid. Now they're trying to find a site in a different state. And Mr. Pickens reportedly has 200 towers built that he can't site either, my favorite quote is "Well I damn sure can't put 'em up in my yard". So good luck to the Chinese I guess. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Comment Re:I would expect nothing less... (Score 1) 629

Yeah, they're pretty good at eliminating just about any decent product in the store. Those Linaeum tweeters were great, I'm really surprised that they've not reappeared in other products. Years ago when they were ditching all of their Optimus home theater products (which was the last good stereo lineup they've had), I bought the whole set on clearance at a bargain price: 12" floor speakers, 500 watt receiver, Linaeum center channel and satellites, big honkin' subwoofer, 100 disc changer. It's still working great to this day and sounds awesome. After that they started their crappy partnership with RCA which bombed a few years later, and have never had any good audio equipment since. And that's just one example of the idiotic business decisions they've made. How they're still around is anyone's guess. Even when I worked there I couldn't figure out how the company managed to exist, let alone look good in financial papers. They're really an enigma in the electronics world.

Comment Shoulda called it "Rental Shack"... (Score 1) 629

That's what we used to cal it back when I worked there. They have a pretty lax return policy which is often heavily abused. People come in, buy a radar detector, camcorder, digicam, etc. They take it with them on a vacation or other event and bring it back when they're done. As long as the packaging is in good shape, they have a receipt, and it's within 30 days, we had to accept it. My manager would frequently try to fight it, even complaining to corporate, but of course nothing happened. Towards the end of my time there, when people would walk in with an item all boxed up, receipt in hand, smiling, I'd just ask "So, have a good vacation"?

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