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Comment Re:Sources of Support (Score 1) 742

Did you miss the part where Russian intelligence intercepted the emails to be released? Yes I know it's called the FSB now but indications are that many of the same personnel and methods are still in play.

You're a True Believer if you think "revealing corruption" is the only criteria they'll use in selecting what to publish.

Comment Sources of Support (Score 0, Troll) 742

It's a little disconcerting about how eager both Trump and Sanders followers are to have a combative foreign power interfere with US politics at the highest levels though literal KGP espionage, as long as it might make Hillary look bad. This is worse than the GOP sending letters trying to stop the Iran nuclear deal. I think we have to go back to the Tory Loyalists to find this scale of anti-American glee.

Comment The justification (Score 5, Informative) 298

The victim the concert was fundraising for was the child of another member of Keef's gang, who was killed as an opposing gang fled after shooting and killing Keef's crewman Cato. The city were very concerned the concert would turn into a gang shoot-out. This isn't about censorship of violent lyrics (although it's a "poster child" case), it's about preventing the imminent incitement of violence. Judge the situation as you will, just take into account it wasn't lyrical censorship.

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