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Comment working remotely is not as plausible as it seems (Score 1) 587

If you think you can accomplish your project with remote workers, you probably have a ton of experience managing projects and lots of technical expertise, or you found an amazing agency that charges a lot through word of mouth.

Technology can usually make you money if you invest in it. It you treat it like a commodity that you should hunt for bargains on, you're shooting your own business in the foot.

Comment Re:Product placement (Score 1) 236

I think the people postulating that these issues are overwhelmingly related to connectivity and latency may be forgetting that most of these players are younger than us, and they grew up post-Internet. They may not have had MySpace pages but they know the difference between crappy Microsoft software and a wifi issue

Comment defining terms like Conservative (Score 1) 206

I suspect that the alleged bias was the result of the bifurcation of "conservative" policy rhetoric. There are some conservative topics that are sensible and traditional, while others are so reactionary as to be utterly baseless. It's ok to be reactionary when you feel that your culture is being dismantled, but don't expect Facebook to promote your shrieks.

Comment you missed every point (Score 1) 595

It's rather pitiful to comment on speculation about a product that won't come out for three months. You can't have a valid opinion without seeing the compromises in play.

Which, by the way, according to the speculation, are that the phone will be thinner and much more waterproof. Are you still arguing "no one asks for this"?

I realize that Slashdot is just as childishly anti-Apple as it has always been - but as Apple cements its position as the most important company in America and in technology, what does that mean for Slashdot?

Let's be adults! I know we can!

Comment I think Facebook should kill Android (Score 1) 188

I have been thinking that if Facebook dropped their support for Android, that could be the most effective way to kill the platform. It sounds like they just might agree!

If it's not obvious, the reason I think Android should be "killed" is because I observe that people really set themselves back by (trying to) use it. It doesn't seem to work as advertised and the security problems are going to come home to roost at some point.

By reducing the amount of Android phones in active use, Facebook could strengthen the economy by encouraging other developers to spend their time making great iOS (and watchOS and tvOS) apps instead of trying to make decent Android apps.

Comment Helios - encrypted, verifiable & private (Score 1) 258

There's an algorithm (or two) that leverages multi-step encryption to facilitate two (seemingly exclusive) properties.

  1. Each voter can use a receipt code to ensure that their vote was counted, and counted correctly.
  2. No one can determine which vote came from which voter (unless perhaps if they steal all 5 encryption keys).

The algorithm, developed by Dr. Andrew Neff, was first implemented by a company called VoteHere.

Now it is available for testing and vetting via an implementation at

FWIW I've posted about this system almost a dozen times over the past decade.

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