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Comment It's no problem... (Score 5, Insightful) 375

I don't see how this is any different than running noscript, or redirecting entries in your host file to Even if this does go to court, I doubt Facebook would come out on top. Explaining to someone how browser content can be modified on the fly using GreaseMonkey might be a little tricky. No harm, no foul. Good luck Facebook, you money-hoarding bastards.

Comment Root cause analysis (Score 4, Informative) 51

You'd think that large corporations would already have incentive to secure their data, aside from being required to do so. I would imagine that the cost of taking some basic measures to up your game would be much cheaper than paying out large sums of money in lawsuits to people who had their credentials compromised. Simple things like full drive crypto on laptops, or sanitizing database inputs to prevent SQL injection are not difficult to do, yet would prevent against a laptop theft from a car or someone dumping your entire database. Cryptography is good, but not invincible. Motivated attackers can use distributed cracking tools, rainbow tables, or merely exploit a weak avenue and wait for password re-use. I'd like to see requirements for companies notifying individuals if there has been a breach, but I'd also prefer that simple security measures were put in place so that disclosure laws didn't need to be invoked very often.

Comment Re:Too complicated. (Score 1) 902

Wow. Not only was your reply full of useless quotes, but you even managed to metaphorically point them in the wrong direction? Hahaha I think you could use the word "curmudgeonly" if you were addressing someone older than twenty, however I referred to genetic engineering as too complicated for the moment. I'm not denying that it won't have all the kinks worked out, or that science will have hindered progress. It is possible though that tinkering with genetic engineering on human embryos might have long term ramifications down the road that can't be forseen.

Comment Too complicated. (Score 1) 902

Genetics aren't tinker toys that you can just swap out parts for at will. Human DNA is complicated, and I can see a whole group of "Designer Babies" having some freak genome mutation problem 20 years down the road all around the same time, due to an error that hadn't been thought all the way through before all this business started. What a nightmare.

Comment Re:Detection (Score 1) 87

I run a Nepenthes box on my network and I get collected hits from a variety of worms every single day. No sign of a Conficker worm trying to blast my net, but if something connects and gets detained, you can take it apart and look at it. Either way, it's pretty useful for tracking different random infected boxes and you could probably create a sig that uniquely identifies it.

Comment Stupid manager con games (Score 1) 675

I wouldn't worry about it and proceed as planned to leave on the original date. One person's "implied decision" to mark you as non-rehirable isn't worth trying to play a little game. Besides, if H.R. does find out what this person is doing, or other employees find out, that might come to a stop very quickly. I live in an "at-will" state too, and these days former employers are very careful about the things they say concerning their previous employees because they don't wanna get sued. =) I'm not suggesting you sue anyone or go crying to H.R. but don't be bullied around by some dickweed District Manager or whatever just because they don't want you to leave and think they can play some lame con game with you.

Comment Choices? (Score 0) 911

If people were only given one choice of browser up until now, why would they need to be educated about the choices of browsers that they can install? Most average computer users that I talk to think that Internet Explorer IS "the internet" and when they're shown Firefox, they seem to like it better just because they've only had once choice.

Comment Re:We need investigations (Score 0) 271

I don't think anyone (regardless of how disgruntled they are at the NSA) would be dumb enough to make these accusations. Certainly not for publicity or to sell a book. Just because they silently monitor communications doesn't mean an unmarked van can't pick you up and perform some rubber hose cryptanalysis. As much as I'd like to believe that Tice is full of it, if I were him I wouldn't give details either. I think he's telling the truth, but God knows he's under surveillance up to his eyeballs and if you say too much, it's a good way to make your ass disappear. Then again if you say too little, people accuse you of spewing generalized statements with too little detail and the NSA probably figures "nobody will believe him" to the serious extent we are all looking for in great detail.

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