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Comment Re:so make something like bitcoin but anonymous (Score 2) 388

Apply a little heat to your coins, and presto, they're jewelry and exempt. After the dollar devaluation, your savings would have been intact, while everyone else's savings lost significant purchasing power.

In 1910, 20 troy oz. would buy a new car. Still does, today. Had you obeyed the 1934 dictate, the paper receipts ($20 bills) you received in exchange wouldn't buy much more than the front bumper today.

Comment Re:That'll teach you... (Score 2) 301

The U.S. is going after Germany's top automaker. It's not about the emissions, what does the U.S. really want?

My bet is that Greece needs a bit more bail-out money because Goldman-Sachs would have a bad quarter if Greece exited the E.U. Let me hedge my bet, now. The Bundesbank wants to repatriate gold held by J.P. Morgan and they're a little short on the stuff these days. Can't let them default, can we?

Captcha: circus

Comment Re:The rules are simple. (Score 1) 1111

True enough, but consider things from the ability to pay vantage point.

Individuals are limited to $2,000 campaign contributions. Result: The system crushes them like bugs.
Small corps. yield small donations, if any at all. Result: Crushed at the discretion of the prosecutor handling the case.
Giant corps. yield continuing enormous donations to hordes of politicians and their associated parties. Result: Here's a bailout for your corp. and we could smack-down a competitor while we're at it, too.

Comment Re:Some people seem to forget... (Score 2) 1051

Travel by X is a privilege
Travel by Y is a right

Which ones go where?
private horse drawn carriage
company owned horse drawn carriage (stagecoach)
privately owned vessel
privately owned automobile
company owned automobile (limo/bus)
privately owned aircraft
company owned aircraft

The constitution is silent on specific modes of travel. I take that to mean that all modes of travel belong in Y.

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