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Comment Re:what has the university to do with it? (Score -1) 167

You're an idiot. One guy who clearly doesn't hold English as a mother tongue and likely misunderstood the orignal post said:

what has the university to do with the students privat project? is this an american thing? Here in europe, the university has nothing to do with their students privat projects. I would have thought its in america the same thing, as long as its not hosted on uni-servers, its none of their business?

In response to his post are about 50 people who came in and corrected him. And then there's you. From Germany. Next time something comes up about censorship in any country except Germany I'm going to start yelling *datenschutz* and see how many people think whatever idiotic form of censorship is being discussed came out of your country. You guys don't exactly have the most brilliant government in the world either. This is not a general misunderstanding where everyone thought it was the U.S. It was one guy who probably just didn't properly read the summary.

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