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Comment Cerberus (Score 5, Informative) 374

I use Cerberus. It's available on the store: https://play.google.com/store/... Though if you download it direct from their website then you can flash it straight into the ROM, meaning that even if someone does a factory wipe on your phone it will still be installed and you can remote into it: https://www.cerberusapp.com/do... With it installed, you register your phone on the website, then sign into your account on the phone. From there you can carry out all sorts of commands, including GPS tracking, location history, call and SMS logs. You can even call or message the phone, get it to display messages, record audio, video, take pictures, all sorts. And finally you can wipe the SD card, wipe the phone, or reboot it. I don't remember how much it cost, but it was only a couple of pounds. I've never had my phone stolen yet, but I occasionally log into the site to check that everything is working and it always does what I want it to, so I've had no complaints with it.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 202

At work I deal with contracts; These are written up in word and then saved as PDF files to be printed off and signed by contractors. Giving them the base word document would allow them to easily alter things and we would have to spend time reading through every single contract to see what was changed, whereas here if they change anything it is obvious, and we can call them up to discuss. Of course they could also be saved as images, but why would you do something like that?

Comment Re:Real News: Galaxy S4 not easily unlocked yet! (Score 1) 75

So we should order all businesses to sell their products at cost? Nope, you can't make profit on that phone you're selling. Don't want to pay $650 for the unlocked phone? Don't want to sign yourself into a 2 year contract? Then wait a couple of years for the phone to fall in price and buy it then. A phone is a luxury product, like anything sold by apple. They can put whatever markup they want onto their products, and if its too high then it simply won't sell. It is the same with any game console, or pretty much anything else. Buy it when it comes out and you're going to pay through the nose.

Comment Re:It's 'ok' (Score 1) 295

I believe that there is a part of the official Steam forum for people posting bug reports. Remember, its all well and good complaining about bugs on places like /. but Valve devs aren't checking here for bug reports, so can't help fix this issue! The point of a beta is to find issues and inform the devs so they can fix it, otherwise the problem will remain in the release version, and people will complain about it.

Comment Re:parental self control (Score 1) 322

I have a similar story. When I was growing up, we pretty much never went to fast food restaurants. To keep someone from being exposed to fast food advertising is impossible, but I was simply never allowed to go there. To an extent that meant that on the extremely rare occasions I was allowed to eat there it seemed like this amazing treat (Clearly my taste buds were as immature as I was back then), but now I'm living on my own I have no desire to go and eat there. In short, people need to be better parents. If your children only grow up knowing McDonalds then of course that's where they will always want to eat.

Comment Re:ugly specs. (Score 1) 122

At the bottom of the kickstarter page, they say:

While it’s true that the developer kit uses a relatively low-resolution screen (1280x800), we promise it delivers a compelling, immersive 3D experience. And to be clear, we plan on improving the resolution of the screen for the consumer version. Stay tuned for more details!

So hopefully there will be a larger resolution available by the time they actually go into mass production.

Comment Re:Carmack (Score 1) 122

Surely that's just a programming thing. The head piece gives a signal that it is being moved in a certain direction, and then its down to the game to decide what to do with that instruction. If it should move the crosshair or the viewscreen, or both. I'd hope it will be an option in the menu so people can switch between if they so desire.

Comment Re:Why would it need studies? (Score 2) 345

TomTom itself will direct you to a point about half a mile away from my house (in the middle of a large town) if you put my postcode into some of its GPS devices.

That's caused problems both for friends and takeaway delivery drivers :(

Isn't that what a post code is, though? They are only useful for narrowing a search down to a certain area, that's why addresses also include road names and numbers.

Comment Re:Yes, but other than that, how did you like it? (Score 1) 453

So tweak it a little? Capitalize the first letter of each word, and maybe the last as well? Make it a question with a ? at the end? And regarding a dictionary attack, how many people have multiple word password? The average word is 5 letters long, including spaces and a punctuation mark at the end that's 24 characters. If you're going to try and crack someone's password, surely you're just going to try to brute force/crack up to something like 10 letters, since every extra letter you add in is going to exponentially increase the time to crack? Which for the average joe means its not worth it for the cracker.

Comment Re:How is Apple a bigger offender than Nintendo? (Score 1) 293

There's never been a case of a 3DS bricking itself from a flash card. After all, this isn't some altered firmware, its simply a game cart inserted into the console. You can't brick a console purely because it doesn't recognise the cart as official, afterall what happens if one of the contacts on an official game gets dirty? Or dust gets into the 3DS reader part? You get a bad connection and the cart isn't recognised, so they would brick the console. Thankfully, they haven't decided to do something so monumentally stupid.

Comment Re:One million! (Score 5, Informative) 159

Sorry mate, won't be buying this bundle unless every game has a .deb package available.

Just for reference, in this bundle Super Meat Boy and Bit.Trip Runner have .deb packages available. Shank is a bin. Jamestown and Gratuitous Space Battles are .tar.gz. NightSky and Cave Story+ are .zip

Not entirely sure what any of that means, but hope its helpful for linux users.

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