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Comment Re:Fine vs profit? (Score 4, Informative) 188

Contempt of court has nothing to do with the FCC. The FCC will still come after the business for the second fine for which they are unlikely to accept any settlement. Also, you can't jail a corporation, only it's officers which is VERY hard to do, just look at the banking fiasco and how few people were jailed over it. This will likely only ever come down to fines and more fines if they repeat until the business loses solvency.

Comment Re:god dammit. (Score 1) 521


And are we talking about a full BBQ, or just a singe? I'm not too concerned that 28,000 birds a year get a suntan!

I suspect that if fully cooked meals are dropping out of the sky at an alarming rate, there would be an issue with coyotes and other scavengers hanging out at the Sizzler. Maybe the the solution is to just add some ADA parking and a Coke Freestyle machine.

Comment Re:god dammit. (Score 1) 521

ok, so 28,000 per year, lets break that down.

with about 8 hours per day of operational time, it's 10 each hour. That's the high number. 1 every 2 minutes is 30 an hour, so you've already exaggerated 3x the exaggeration in the post.

80 birds a day? who is cleaning up the bodies? show me 1 picture of 80 dead birds at one of these facilities.

Comment Re:Will computers ever be as smart as us? Briefly. (Score 1, Interesting) 189

absolutely agreed. Though I don't have direct evidence to support this statement, I would guess that a neuron fires at a similar enough speed as a transistor. Consciousness is a very complex computation from billions of neurons *written in assembly* essentially. If/when we make an AI, it's likely to be compiled code running on a chip with less transistors than we have neurons, 100 Billion neurons vs 1.4Billion transistors in an i7 for instance.

That said, this is assuming that we limit consciousness to what humans perceive, the computer may have a somewhat different version of it. I suspect that we will try to build a human type consciousness into the machine though.

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