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Comment April Fools (Score 2) 286

Is this an early April Fool's Day joke? This is the worst 'article' posting that I've ever seen on slashdot. I don't jump on the "slashdot has gone downhill" bandwagon, but...seriously? A spare battery and extremely ugly furniture? Thanks, but no thanks.

If you have an ugly furniture setup in your home, then please, please don't post pictures on the internet and encourage others to copy it. You should be slightly embarrassed of your setup. Very poor aesthetics. No wonder you don't have to worry about "company" in bed.

If decent looking furniture is out of your price range, that's okay. However, don't brag about your terrible design philosophy.

Comment Re:The obvious questions (Score 1) 213

I have no problem with guns, large sodas, free speech, and freedom of religion. But, thank you for making assumptions about my beliefs based on the article that I posted (which had nothing to do with these issues -- except your narrow minded view on money=free speech). I DO have a problem with a very small number of ultra rich people polluting our political system and society with negative ads. Especially when these ads from outside groups predominately support one party -- the Republicans. Next time, take a minute out of your day to read an article before you respond to it with blatant stupidity.

Comment Try here... (Score 2, Funny) 212

Awesome, now when I want to make a phone call, I get to search in forums for 7 hours, trying to figure out how I can accomplish this (just like doing anything in linux)

And, when I post my problem in a linux forum, I'll get the always helpful answer

"try here:"

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