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Comment Re:You (Score 1) 7

You're absolutely right. The author of this video would have actually helped the situation instead of mocking it if he had boarded a raft and paddled to GITMO to confront some of the perpetrators of these dastardly deeds.

PS: I heard that canker tastes like chicken.

Comment But they say it's for our own good! (Score 1) 420

The question of whether they are children or adults, IMHO is moot. If it's true that they're blocking gay sites while allowing anti-gay sites, then we are dealing with discrimination, not the appropriateness of content. The post above discusses whether we can trust the government to do the right thing and make it illegal to block these sites. IMO, if you wait for the government to handle this, you've already lost the battle.

The people that feel outrage at this are the ones that have to do something. A simple proxy shared with the students, gatherings, protests and boycotts would make changes on the local level initially and gaining in size, a global level.

The legal system however, would not.

Comment Re:NO (Score 2, Insightful) 345

Yours would be a viable argument if you were suggesting that people would get rid of cable to only use flash. However, since we're stacking one proprietary technology onto another, you're asking "What's the big deal, you've already got one closed source. What will it hurt to add another?"

Current feeds will be going nowhere. Adobe is just throwing their hat into the ring.

Comment Re:NO (Score 5, Insightful) 345

"A little more open" doesn't cut it, in my humble opinion. Open is open. Offering certain aspects up for grabs is called marketing, not open. The day I buy a television with flash capability is the day I record the event on my Betamax.

Comment Re:Don't break da lew and you don't worry then (Score 1) 366

So we should allow the continued manipulation of the laws to suit big brother as long as we don't personally use the technology in question to commit a crime?

Someone should come up with a witty saying that we can put on shirts concerning the loss of privacy being ok if we don't do anything wrong. The previous sentence needs some streamlining and sexing up.

Comment Re:Where's the start button? (Score 1) 833

I'm basing what I say off of the internet news that I've read. I don't have any inside information.

I never attempted to make my comments seem to carry any more weight than a simple opinion based on numerous articles stating that linux laptops are being returned(sans actual problems).

My sentiments were not to mean any more than this: If vendors use linux to meet a price point, then IMO they are likely going to hurt the acceptance of linux. When vendors do something to save money, they rarely bother to attempt to educate the user, as it is often counter-productive to their goal, which is to make an extra penny.

I do not place a linux trainer in the same category as a pc vendor, and was never referring to anything other than the producers and distributors of the netbooks in question.

Comment Re:Where's the start button? (Score 1) 833

I didn't say they were dumb. I said they were returning the netbooks. It's not an opinion. It's a fact. The linux netbooks are being returned and some people seem to have a problem with that. Once the distributors offer so much as a PDF with their sales, then of course things would be different. The Dell netbook that I purchased didn't and the two that I've helped setup for others didn't either. Since they don't and they just drop a linux netbook in these peoples' laps, I continue to stand behind all of my statements. The people you feel I think are morons don't want a netbook that they don't know how to use. The return rate proves this. They're not hiring people to train them to use it and they're not downloading pdf's to learn, they're returning them.

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