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Comment Re:Kodak's Moment (Score 4, Interesting) 190

Kodak invented the digital camera, so it is a bit false to claim that they had no expertise in the field. Where they went wrong was trying to protect their film business by sacrificing their early lead on development and licensing out the technology.

If a longer vision had prevailed at Kodak, people with Nikon and Canon cameras might be wistfully longing that they could afford one of the big boy Kodak cameras.

This quote was the most important part of the article to me, it should have been in the summary:

"Former Kodak vice president Don Strickland insists the firm's late entry into the digital market is a key factor in its recent troubles. He claims he left the company in 1993 after he failed to get backing from within the company to release a digital camera.

'We developed the world's first consumer digital camera and Kodak could have launched it in 1992. We could not get approval to launch or sell it because of fear of the cannibalisation of film,' he told BBC News.

Although Kodak was one of the original inventors of digital photography, it failed to keep pace with developments in the market and competitors including Fuji steadily eroded its share of the market."

I had no idea Kodak had anything going on with digital cameras that far back, I remember the Sonys and Canons and so on and then Kodak eventually came out with some cheap crap-cameras after film was pretty much dead, what a huge business screw-up...

Comment Don't wait for jobs, just take the data center! (Score 1) 631

Small town, 1 billion dollar data center, and presumably those 50 employees includes all security guards. If the town just took the data center hostage the net profit would be huge, besides the fact that nobody would ever build another data center there again. 1 billion over 3000 residents is like, a profit of 300,000 a person? Shave off a percent or two to bribe the local cops and they've hit pay dirt

Comment Re:Solyndra (Score 2) 509

"The difference is that Lockheed isn't a bankrupt company, financed with taxpayer funds, given under dubious circumstances."

Two out of three is pretty close!

(and the third is really a matter of the degree of taxpayer funding)

Comment Testing... (Score 0) 110

assassinate 9/11 truth new world order president bilderberg g20 obama conspiracy osama taliban FEMA nuclear disaster dirty bomb terror washington sniper forced medication free speech fluoride illuminati uranium anthrax 737 pilot world trade center pentagon white house cuba taliban 747 nuclear bush buckling lizardmen marx anticapitalism enrichment mao black bloc third worldism presstv anarchism protests crash air force one heat seaking g8 echelon kill polonium 210 lenin pazuzu NAVSECGRUACT smallpox al-qaeda DPRK firearms

Comment Re:I like... (Score 1) 85

I clicked page 7 at random and it was literally a page long description of a single video card from 2006 with no performance information at all. I can't even imagine why someone would still own a Radeon 2900XT, the power bill alone would make it worth replacing at this point.

Comment Re:BIG Mistake (Score 1) 481

That's probably what they want, trying to get people to move away from mail to the streaming service. It's a choice between paying for something that sounds all futuristic and internety or something that sounds like a bargain-basement DVD service from Walmart. "BitTorrent" sounds way more futuristic to me though.

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