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Comment How did they do it? (Score 4, Informative) 547

From the pdf

"Harvard University was able to determine that, in the several hours leading up to the
receipt of the e-mail messages described above, ELDO KIM accessed TOR using Harvardâ(TM)s
wireless network."

So Harvard keeps track of your connections. Still circumstancial but he confessed.
"KIM then stated that he authored the bomb threat e-mails described above."

Comment Why are they doing this? (Score 4, Interesting) 137

So I guess everybody is helping the US out with spying and such, but what is their motivation?
1) They think it's the right thing to do?
2) There is some (in)direct monetary gain?
3) They also get spy data?
4) They think the US is awesome?
5) All of the above?
6) Other?

I feel like i just wrote a poll, but I'm geniunly interested for some insight.

Comment Summary is incorrect (Score 4, Informative) 244

Fascinating the greed that impacts simple people every day live and to to what use?

There is a communication on sabam's website to rectify the miscommunication that appeared in the media, they did not charge the library 250 euro, no it was only 239 euro's but for playing music in the library.

For a public reading they would collect 15 euro's per public reading if the work is protected and the rightsholder is represented by sabam.
Do not and did not collect this fee.

Comment propreitary (Score 1, Insightful) 47

I know they keep the drivers proprietary to keep their special 3d chip tricks to themselves, but can't you just feed it tables of vectors and vectors and be done with it? Why do you need such a low level access that apparantly shows all their company secrets?

Before all you say performance! My question would be , really?

Comment How does it work? (Score 1) 102

The thing i don't understand, why somebody on the internet asks you to commit a crime, for some reason people think it's a marvelous idea and go ahead and do it?

Was this a copycat of Egypt, etc where people were bored and didn't need a political statement?
If that is the case then there a far more serious issue regarding ethics and morals then whoever did it, right?

Comment Re:Prepaid SIMs (Score 1) 136

Good for you, however if you connect to them they can see your imei and depending on what other services you use from them, i'm pretty sure they have the capability to know a lot of information, the most obvious one being your phone model.

Submission + - The 12 Scams of Christmas and Other Attacks (

RobertSiciliano writes: Identity Thieves and Cybercriminals Take Advantage of the Holiday Season, Aiming to Steal Consumers’ Money, Identities and Financial Information. As cybercriminals begin to take advantage of the holiday season, be cautious.

Submission + - Spanish Web Censorship Voted Down (

Dangerous_Minds writes: ZeroPaid is reporting that a part of the Sinde Act (named after Spanish filmmaker and Culture Minister Ángeles González-Sinde) which would allow the Culture Ministry to force ISPs to block websites suspected of facilitating copyright infringement, was voted down recently in Spain. This comes on the heals of Wikileaks exposing the amount of pressure US industry was putting on Spain to implement laws like the three strikes law seen in HADOPI in France. The Asociación de Internautas (Assocation of Internet Users), an organization who called the legislation an assault on Spanish democracy, is currently celebrating the news as a victory for Spanish democracy (Spanish).

Comment Re:This makes it worse (Score 1) 703

the relationship government and citizen is not the same as employer and employee. a company cannot oppress me, i would leave. for most people it's not an option to leave their country.
also i wouldn't want my country run with the moral compass of your avarage company.

Comment Re:Moral authority (Score 1) 547

That is exactly the problem of religion. They all promote morals and standards. But it's not the church who make them, it's a group of people. which can be different kinds of people, think of familiy,friends, work, etc. Although their morals and standards will overlap they can change between those groups. Furthermore those morals change over time, the reason why things like slavery is no longer accepted and gay rights are. This is the same reason why over there have been religions before christianity and islam and will be after them.

The church records those standards at a certain time but since they are dynamic as explained before, the church can not hold them as static things thye control.

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