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Japan Launches Talking Humanoid Robot Into Space 87

An anonymous reader writes "Kirobo, a talking humanoid robot, has been launched into space and is headed to the International Space Station. From the article: 'Japan has launched the world's first talking humanoid robot "astronaut" toward the International Space Station. Kirobo — derived from the Japanese words for "hope" and "robot" — was among five tons of supplies and machinery on a rocket launched Sunday from Tanegashima in southwestern Japan, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, said. The childlike robot was designed to be a companion for astronaut Koichi Wakata and will communicate with another robot on Earth, according to developers. Wakata is expected to arrive at the space station in November.'"

Samsung Launches 3200x1800 Pixel ATIV Book 9 Plus Laptop 397

sfcrazy writes "As expected Samsung has updated its Ultrabook family giving direct competition to Apple's MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. When Apple launched its MacBook Air with 12 hours of battery life every one was looking at only one company to outdo Apple and that company was Samsung and the leading Android maker did not disappoint. With the launch of ATIV Book 9 Plus featuring:

* 256GB SSD (seems 128GB would be the base model)
* 3200x1800 resolution
* Touch Screen
* Haswell Processor
* 12 Hours battery life
* More 'standard' ports as compared to Apple's proprietary ports."

Mozilla Plans Major Design Overhaul With Firefox 25 Release In October 250

An anonymous reader writes "Mozilla is planning a major design overhaul of its flagship browser with the release of Firefox 25, slated to arrive in October. The company makes a point to discuss its plans for changes openly, and this upcoming new version is by no means an exception. In fact, even though Firefox 22 is in the Beta channel, Firefox 23 is in the Aurora channel, and Firefox 24 is in the Nightly channel, Mozilla has set up a special Nightly UX channel for Firefox 25. Grab it here."

Comment Who will investigate the investigators (Score 1) 1109

It seems that there might almost be a natural scaling law for multiple sources invoked in a given investigation. With a traditional, established core number of sources, there is more established review of the merits of their reporting. For multiple unestablished or anonymous sources, a certain amount of manpower needed to verify each bias would begin to counter the potential efficiency of crowdsourcing methods. At a certain point, the net gain might cease to scale favourably with numbers, barring emergence of self-organisational practices. How all of this should be taken into consideration when interpreting crowdsourced reports will surely require generations to become known.

Comment Re:CAS integration (Score 1) 70

Texmacs is great, I have used it and it performs the features I described better than LyX.
I am coming from a perspective of how LyX handles input, however, and while admittedly that too is similar I think LyX is far more polished, customisable and holds a bright future =)

I think Sage will ultimately serve projects where CAS integration is more vital and soluble - my reference to 'notebook' is closer to the traditional kind, but with greater readability by strangers :) LyX and Sage are likely to forever serve different paths which is why I think improving features in both would be quite interesting. I use the example of Maxima over other CAS languages because it is probably easier to integrate in more environments.

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