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Comment Re:Not so fast... (Score 3, Informative) 290

Available from Western Design Center, started by Bill Mensch, the person who co-designed the 6502 with Chuck Peddle. Both also helped design the 6800. WDC ha seen selling the 6502 based products since the 1979. Both the Apple IIe and IIc used WDC product, the 65C02. All the second source products over the years have been lisenced from WDC. WDC has been able to sell products based on the original 6502 design because they co-held the patents with MOS.

It is still sold in its original 40-pin plastic DIP. Verilog soft cores are available too.

Comment Re:It's called the "employee mobility pool" (Score 1) 84

The dumpster behind 701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, California is technically "outside of the company"

Third party removal of contents from a waste bin is illegal in California. The contents in the container are the property of the entity providing waste services, usually the government where the property resides, even if the government entity contracts with a private removal company. Also, the container is normally serviced while still on private property unlike most residential waste and a charge of trespass could be levied.

Comment Re:france sucks (Score 1) 419

A Candian that looks like an American when it comes to geography. Did you graduate high school?

There are more than three countries in North America. Panama is the southern most nation, while Greenland (Denmark) is the northern most. All of the Carribean Islands are part of the continent too.

Comment Re:For "personal" Apps (Score 1) 331

I am not baiting at all. The problem is you have a strange definition of toy. I suppose Tk is a toy in the same manner as Linux. Of course, that does not stop people from using it. I would never base my embedded product around something as poorly designed as Linux compared to Integrity or QNX.

Two can play that game.

Comment McNealy stayed too long as CEO (Score 1) 408

...McNealy cites its author Ayn Rand as his mentor while he was growing up.

That statement sent shivers up my spine.

The company died on the vine with McNealy (and his ego) at the helm. Sun never fully recovered from all the equipment they virtually gave away (leased or financed) to companies during the telecom/Internet bubble. When he finally decides to step aside, he allows the promotion of Schwartz, an engineer with little successful business experience, to CEO while he continues to pick up a paycheck as chairman of the board. The idea by Schwartz (with McNealy agreeing) to start giving away their software and make it up in support has got to be the most asinine. My experience with companies is they usually do not pay for support if there is no compelling reason, and post bubble, they had little incentive to do so.

Sun suffered from a NIH syndrome throughout its life, pushed primarily by McNealy. The company also had a history of acquiring companies only to EOL products months later; it is amazing how many purchases were poorly timed.

Open sourcing Solaris is a red herring. The biggest problem was the Intel version played second banana and its constant on-off-on development was not helping matters. If they slashed the price of the Intel version to a reasonable level, while offering unrestricted use on multiple processors and no user limits, it would have been a win. Instead, they tried to get people to buy their Sparc equipment.

Sun is a good case study on a business that refused to adapt.

The one thing I will say about Ellison and Oracle, they can squeeze blood out of a rock.

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