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The Courts

Submission + - Cop in case against Pirate Bay gets hired by Warne

isecore writes: "Currently the Swedish blogosphere is in an uproar, since a few days ago it was discovered that an investigator in the case against The Pirate Bay was immediately hired by Warner immediately after leaving the on-going investigation. When asked if this could be considered normal, Håkan Roswall (the attorney leading the case against TPB) replied that he felt it was within reason, and that in the future we'll probably be seeing more of these things. Of course this has caused an outrage, and the leader of the swedish Pirate Party, Rick Falkvinge aka Rick Falconwing hopes that this will shed more light on what he sees as obvious corruption. The investigator in question is named Jim Keyzer, and after his name leaked out onto the 'net earlier today. Since the leak he has worked diligently threatening any blogger who publishes his name. This in turn caused several bloggers to take a stand and write even more, and currently this is the top subject on (who monitors the Swedish blogosphere). Interestingly enough as well, swedish Old Media-newspapers have so far completely ignored this whole story."

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