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Comment leary? (Score 1) 251

> but I'm leery of spending quite so much on any phone.

I'm not quite sure I get this. Spending so much on what? On R&D and production? Total on a crowdsource fund? Per donator on a crowdsource project? Is the phone itself projected to be expensive or something?

Comment Re: Simple solution (Score 2) 107

Yeah, that's nonsense. I regularly push 120MByte/sec (just under 1Gbps) over a variety of 1Gbps links. But it doesn't have to deal with significant noise or collisions, which are two of the speed losers. Also fairly reliable delivery (amount of loss is about 0.000000001%, and I'm not exaggerating) and its always 1Gbps, unlike Wifi which depends on channel bonding and signal quality for its base rate.

Usually if you have 1gbps and can't saturate the link it's a bottleneck somewhere else - the source or destination can't stream fast enough (common copying data from disk), inefficiencies of the network protocol, poor network equipment, stupid TCP design, bad application, some other part of the network, or congestion (or poor handling of congestion)

Comment Invasive (Score 5, Insightful) 400

I read that as "more invasive for players". Which is probably true.

Cool, it'd be extremely difficult to use computing power offsite to do real-time calculations in parallel with local calculations. But it sure would be handy for crushing the used game market if we could lie say that we needed handle things server-side so you have to be online to play the game.

Also it would be cool to mine everything you do since it'd be easy to market. People will agree to all sorts of seemingly minor invasions of privacy for trivial gains, like free stuff, or especially if it was required to play the game. ...What am I saying. That would never happen.

Comment Re:It doesn't compete with tablets (Score 2) 442

...That's what I came here to say as well. It's competing against Ultrabooks, but it's unclear what its selling point would be for most purposes. Ostensibly a "Pro" user would want it for compatibility with legacy x86 desktop apps. But it's not clear that for MOST purposes like that a touchscreen (even with stylus) would ever be better than the hardware keyboard and pixel-accurate pointing devices that come with every ultrabook. There's not really a "pro" market for tablets at the moment, though I suppose that won't happen unless there's hardware for it.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 170

Also: Wow, you guys are defensive.

I loved me some Who. Old Series and New Series. Watching "Rose" was an emotional experience for me. We had new Who and I LIKED him. I didn't think it would ever happen again.

But then the series turned out to be...I dunno...All...rushing about and syrupy hyperbole moments and characters I wanted to strangle and the Doctor became some sort of untouchable Demi-God and they almost never leave earth and Brittany Spears was there for some reason and incoherent or inconsistent stories and why aren't most of the monsters scary and why are they rushing to fit this story into a single episode and man that line made me wince and I'm getting motion-sick and sweetness-sick and...well, the stuff the article said.

It's not that I was comparing against the original series, which like other people have pointed out changed tremendously over its time and was awful in a lot of its own ways. But I just found myself not enjoying the new show. At all (well, a couple of episodes). I guess I blame the writing. I only stuck it out so long because I WANTED it to work. But it didn't, and there are complex reasons for that.

That's great that you DO enjoy the show. It really sucks that you're such an ass about it.

Comment Re:qw8k? (Score 1) 165

Wow, what an unabashed jerk you are.

Of course I know how to pronounce it. It's just a silly spelling, which was my tongue-in-cheek point =)

Thinking of old first-person Id games, do you know what day the original Doom was released, off the top of your head, sonny? 'Cause I remember downloading a copy from the local BBS when it came out on 12/10/93. Did you ever purchase a copy of the original Hovertank 3d direct from Softdisk? Do you remember who was revealed to be the "real" villain of Doom II if you played a particular sound clip backwards and used noclip to find him? Do you remember word for word what the easter egg message said? Don't look it up.

As far as rockets go, how detailed was YOUR Saturn V model rocket with F-size motors?

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