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Comment Re:Enough of this (Score 1) 839

The judge decided that it's the depiction of violence that is to blame. What I said is that there's no reason to single out depiction of violence in videogames, when we have depictions of violence in any other medium.

Now, I realize that the depiction of violence is not to blame here, it's the teenager's obvious mental deficiency. A videogame won't make a mentally healthy teenager believe people come back to life, healthy people simply aren't that susceptible.

But were the depiction of violence really to blame, then we'd have to ban all depictions of violence, whether videogames, films, books, spoken language, or any other form of expression, except violence itself -- because actual violence is not a depiction of violence.

And that's why I wrote "no different than killing over a copy of a violent film".

Comment Enough of this (Score 1) 839

Enough of this. People have been killing each other over for thousands of years. Sometimes over territory, sometimes over possessions, sometimes for no reason at all.

Killing over a copy of a violent videogame is no different than killing over a copy of a violent film.

This is just spin-doctoring. Quit publicizing everything that has a title that matches "videogames AND violence".

Comment This says something about any digital media (Score 1) 261

Now that consumers can get pretty much any digital media without compensating the copyright holder -- films, music, videogames -- what is a copyright holder to do?

Right now they've found they can use cryptographically signed copies on a closed system. That evens the playing field for pirates and content providers for now, because people find it unappealing to hack their hardware and risk loss of support. That's what's happening in consoles through their virtual shops, and that's what'll happen with the DS.

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