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Comment Re:Nah - I think you can blame Mafia Wars, Farmvil (Score 1) 174

If I don't recognize the name and the friend doesn't leave a note saying how they know me then I push them into the game friend group. Problem solved.

Why don't you just ignore the friend request if you don't know them? I don't understand this - why would you want someone on your friends list if they're not a friend, nor even acquaintance?

Comment Re:What's next? (Score 1) 383

Ok here is my question...

They are excited about things that other countries like Russia have been doing for decades? Huh? Progress? I will gladly be corrected, but it just seems to me that this is a step backwards in comparison to the stuff that they were doing before...

Russia has NOT been launching Atlas rockets for decades.

Comment Re:First post... (Score 4, Insightful) 830

One thing that strikes me about my mac is that it doesn't treat me like an enormous retard. I don't have stupid little dogs popping up to "find" files for me, I don't have to click through 5 warnings about how what I'm about to do will end the world when I try to navigate out of my home directory, and the whole experience isn't dumbed down to the level of a 2 year old.

Yes, I know you can turn all that shit off in windows, but why do I have to? Every time I use a windows computer it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Comment Re:The Woman (Score 2, Informative) 319

You're right. I forgot how brain damaged the Windows security model is...

In Linux, of course, you would need admin privilege to run an executable which is one reason Linux doesn't get viruses. But in Windows, anyone can download and execute anything... dumb.

So I guess I should rephrase that as "So what happened to the IT administrator who installed Windows computers in a situation where patient privacy and security could be compromised?"

What? Any user can set something executable and run it in a Unix system. It'll just run with the privileges of the user, which in this case is more than enough.

Comment Re:Could someone please explain (Score 5, Insightful) 151

Why is it necessary that we go back and explore what was accomplished in the past?

Because the relics of the past visits will give us valuable insight into long-term exposure of our machinery in the environment of the Moon - something that is surely relevant to future efforts of colonization. All the things we left behind have been sitting (hopefully?) untouched for 40 years getting bombarded with micrometeoroids, experiencing huge temperature swings and moonquakes, and generally experiencing the reality of existing there.

I find it fascinating and am excited to see pictures of how the sites have weathered.

Comment Re:yes, I know that you are joking (Score 1) 197

What amazes me is that you use the confusion of "it's" and "its" as a sign of actual education. Actual knowledge, instead of (ahem) actual knowledge, like understanding the scientific process, or mathematics, or how to balance a checkbook.

No, the average person gets to spend about a man-year over the 12 years focusing on things like spelling, because... ? The only thing that makes spelling important is that people who know how to spell use that to insult those of us who don't. It's largely an utter waste of time.

I'm a natural-born good speller, I haven't used a spell-check in at least a year, and manage to communicate quite effectively via the written word. Yet I think that spelling is a waste of intellectual energy that we could all well do without.

When you think about it, the confusion is natural. The apostrophe is commonly used to show possession. EG: "That is Bob's shovel.". Yet, as soon as you replace "Bob" with "it" - the apostrophe suddenly disappears. "Don't bother its shovel.". WTF?

But, just to add confusion, "It's" isn't a possessive "his" it is instead an abbreviation of "it is" which are two words and for which the apostrophe adds very little value intellectually. (Ohz noez! - there's a missing "i"!) The only thing saved is a space. w00t! And there's plenty of evidence that even extreme examples of mis-spelling have virtually no impact on our ability to comprehend the material.

Personally, I'd like to see spelling dropped entirely - let's just learn the vowel and consonant SOUNDS, and let's use the 1 or 2 man-years saved on REAL education like Science, Mathematics, or how to balance your check book.

I wud be haapy tu adopt pyerly fohnetik speling.

Don't be ignorant. In the overall picture, the inability of someone to differ between two similar (but distinctly different) words is a clear sign of their general intelligence.

Sending people off to a math or science education without giving them a solid foundation in communication is doomed to fail.

Comment Re:yes, I know that you are joking (Score 1) 197

It's hard for people who have spent most of their life being told that "correctness isn't important, so long as you're understood" to have proper spelling and grammar. ;)

That's what bugs me - correctness is CRUCIAL to being understood. If you use properly-spelled words in correct grammatical syntax the likeliness of you successfully communicating your message goes way, way up. If I have to read it five times to figure out what you're trying to say, it's WRONG.

Proper spelling isn't that hard, anyways. People are just lazy fuckers.

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