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Submission + - Students announce 2017 solar-powered land speed record attempt

is_this_gdog writes: According to the New York Times, students from the Prototype Vehicles Laboratory (PROVE Lab) at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (CA) have revealed plans to break the international land speed record for a solar-powered vehicle. The current records stand at 23.5mph (official FIA) and 56.75mph (Guinness World Records). The car will use conventional solar cells to generate around 2kW, which the team believes should allow them to exceed 65mph — without any help from batteries — in the Mojave Desert in June 2017. The completed vehicle design was revealed in a video and in a press release on the team's website — construction of the ultra-lightweight chassis appears to be underway already.

Submission + - Long-range electric car world speed record broken by Australian students ( 1

is_this_gdog writes: Sunswift solar car team from UNSW Australia has broken* an international world speed record for the fastest long-range electric vehicle, averaging a speed of 107km/h (66mph) over 500km (310miles) from a single charge with their car, eVe. Solar panels were not used for this record (with solar, the car has a range of over 500 miles), the challenge was endurance speed with battery only. There are faster electric cars, and one or two with longer range if you go slow enough — Sunswift eVe is the first to officially do 500kms at highway speeds.

CNET Feature + video:

(*pending official FIA approval!)

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