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Comment I'm thinking this is about *push* e-mail (Score 1) 197

My guess is that this isn't simply about POP3 over GSM, but special low-power push systems like Blckberry's system and Microsoft's ActiveSync, which is licensed by all of the named companies. I also find it interesting that Palm isn't on that list now that they're backed by HP's deep pockets. Perhaps their patent portfolio really is a nuclear deterrent.

Comment Re:Powershell (Score 2, Informative) 426

If DOS made you happy, then Powershell could drive you to orgasm if you let it. Object-oriented scripting that can tap into .NET, WMI, COM objects, Windows APIs, and still read/replace part of a text file in one line. You will have to install it on older clients, but what you want can be done with Powershell 1.0, which is like 2MB.

Comment Re:What are the advantages of WebOS? (Score 1) 178

There's nothing closed about WebOS on any level. They even encourage you to take their native apps, rewrite, and redistribute them. Half the Homebrew efforts involve patches to everything from the mail app and system settings to the kernel itself. Palm has openly acknowledged, thanked, and encouraged the Homebrew developers on a number of very public stages. "Jailbreaking" the device involves typing in the publicly available developer code, which does little more than open some firewall ports. For users who can't be bothered with that, Palm established an official app distribution channel that bypasses their store, but still allows users to install apps by simply clicking on a web link.

Comment We reported this to them on 3/11 (Score 4, Informative) 112

One of our departments decided to do their own thing and host a site on GoDaddy. Not sure if it was Wordpress or not, but the same thing happened to them. We reported it back on 3/11 and moved the site. Way to get in front of this thing GoDaddy! Oh, and it wasn't just Google. Referrers from Bing and Yahoo would redirect to the same link spam page.

Comment Re:No, It's a $1M pool for the top 442 developers (Score 2, Insightful) 91

1066 official apps in the catalog; 310 in the homebrew channels. I think Palm's real play here is that this coincides with the release of the C/C++ PDK and some games that are very obviously direct ports of iPhone games. If you're an iPhone developer who had a solid hit and it's relatively painless to port your app to WebOS for a shot at $100,000, why not? It's one more opportunity to be the big fish in a small pond like Trism.

Comment Hate to be devils advocate on this one, but... (Score 1) 451

Do you and your doctor frequently exchange your medical records via postcard? No, that would knowingly expose your information to any number of mail carriers. Likewise, e-mail goes through the hands/servers of any number of strangers and can be read without so much as holding it up to the light. It's a disappointing precedent, and certainly judges and government should be held to a higher standard than a USPS sorter making minimum wage, but the reasoning here isn't wrong. You shouldn't expect privacy if you can't even stuff your letter in an envelope.

Comment Sprint has high prices!? (Score 5, Informative) 501

Sprint has the Pre and Hero and it's damn near impossible to spend more than $70/mo. That gets you unlimited mobile calls, data, text, gps, tv. The only way to spend more is if you spend more than 450 minutes a month calling landlines before 7pm. AT&T's base iPhone plan is $70 with no texts, favorite numbers, or gps, and the free nights start at 9pm.

Comment Re:Not reviewing them in any way? Really? (Score 2, Insightful) 117

That's what the official App Catalog will be for: safe, screened little confections for the average Joe. This is simply an alternative for developers and consumers who don't want to go through Palm for whatever reason. Keep in mind the old Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian have always allowed you to load whatever random app you found on the net, too. Apple's the one that came along and made the walled garden popular.

Comment Re:Who cares about these apps? (Score 1) 332

Yeah, this almost reads like Palm simply isn't interested in lame, free apps littering their official store. And I love how this guy keeps saying that the UNofficial store is so impossible to access. Let's see, step 1) run an app on your desktop; step 2) drag the store app to an icon on your desktop; step 3) access homebrew store with his crappy apps getting in the way of the good ones. If he really doesn't want money, he can very easily distribute his stuff without Palm. Palm even specifically told the NaNplayer developer to distribute his player as homebrew until they finalize some of the APIs it uses. This guy doesn't exactly seem to have the healthiest relationship with reality.

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