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Comment Still too much (Score 1) 128

I'm obviously not the market for this. We still pay $1.50 to get our movies at Redbox. We maybe watch three movies a month, so about $5 a month on movies (sometimes less when we get a Redbox coupon). Paying even $30 a month would be extreme sticker shock for us. Heck, every Tuesday around here all the theaters have $5 movie day when all movies all day long are $5, even new releases. So it is just $10 for my wife and I to go watch a new release in the theater. $30? Not going to happen.

Comment We don't have Netflix (Score 1) 301

We don't have any kind of subscription service (Netflix, Hulu, Cable, etc.) so our kids only watch shows/movies from DVDs we rent from the library. We were staying at a hotel once and we put the Disney channel on for them. They couldn't understand why the show kept stopping and showing commercials. They kept asking why. My wife and I thought it was hilarious. We had never realized that we were raising our kids without commercials. We were just trying to save some money, it didn't occur to us that there were side benefits.

Comment Re:Changing jobs increases wealth (Score 2) 148

What does that mean? I accept a 2% annual raise, but I already make a hefty six figure salary that I already feel is too high. And I have been at my company for 15 years, which I assume would make me long in the tooth. What does that have to do with my curiosity? My problem isn't curiosity, but time. I have a backlog of reading on technical topics that is a mile long, but I'm so busy I barely have time to post on Slashdot ;-)

Comment Think of the children! (Score 4, Funny) 244

"damaging effects of piracy on the media industry"

1. I believe children are damaged by the media industry.
2. Therefore the media industry needs to go away.
3. Piracy has a damaging effect on the media industry.
4. I pirate media content because it is my moral obligation to damage the media industry - for the children.

Well, that should totally hold up in court.

Comment Re:Teaching moment (Score 1) 183

I think the difference is when I was growing up there was no WWW (there was an Internet, but we weren't aware of it). So reading material was pretty easily distinguished between fiction and non-fiction. If I was reading something and I don't know who the author is and what their credentials are I would assume it was fiction.

Comment Re:Teaching moment (Score 1) 183

I have teenagers and am an online instructor for a university class (mostly late teens/early 20 year olds). I am consistently amazed at how readily "that" generation accepts anything they read on the internet. It's like they have no filter. I've tried imparting critical thinking skills to my own teenagers, but it doesn't seem to stick since just about every day they relate some new "fact" they learned on social media that I have to correct.

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