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Comment irrational_design endorses Bernie Sanders (Score 0) 644

It's official. Slashdot commentator irrational_design on Tuesday endorsed U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders as the write-in presidential nominee ahead of the Democrat's July convention. irrational_design said Sanders will make an outstanding president and that he is proud to stand with him. "Bernie Sanders understands that if someone in America works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty," irrational_design added.

Comment Requirements (Score 2) 286

I'm trying to think of all of my requirements:

1. Easy to add a new note
2. Ability to categorize notes (put into notebooks)
3. There is a app on on all the devices I use (phone, tablet, desktop)
4. Synch happens automagically.
5. Ability to search across all notes and to search within one note.
6. Ability to link notes together like a wiki.
7. Ability to export all the notes in a non-binary format (zipped file containing text or html files).
8. Can work offline and then synch when there is an internet connection again.
9. Option to encrypt notes (either all notes or just certain notes).
10. Ability to use markdown syntax?

Comment Re:Google Keep (Score 1) 286

I tried it yesterday when I found out about the evernote announcement. I grabbed a random note from evernote and tried to add it to keep but I was told that it was too long and I was asked if I wanted to create a google doc! No, I don't want to create a google doc, I want all my notes in one place, just like evernote. I'm still looking for an evernote replacement.

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