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Comment Re: Stock ROMs are shit (Score 0) 215

Why do you need SD cards? Phones come with 128Gb of storage now, and pixel devices come with unlimited photo backups to Google Drive.

Unless you are downloading a shit ton of media you will never need it.

Even Google Play Music doesn't suck up that much space with offline playlists. I have a 500 song playlist for weekend camping - and it uses a whopping 1.5-2Gb of space (1Mb per minute X 3 minutes per song X 500 songs)

Even with every photo I've ever taken, I'll never ever fill up a full phone worth of data.

Phone storage "space wars" is no different than pixel density wars. At some point it becomes pointless to add more with no actual benefit.

Comment Who cares (Score 1) 87

Honestly... who cares, really. Smart locks aren't about security, they are about convenience. The fact that most residential mechanical locks can be picked in mere seconds by a skilled lock smith with cheap tools should be more concerning. A hacker will need specialized software to hack bluetooth locks, greatly reducing the likelihood of a bad-dooer doing something to your house.

Further, locks don't stop dishonest people from doing dishonest things. You could kick down a door faster than you can pick the lock or bluetooth hack it. Its just a hell of a lot noisier. Locks stop honest people from trying to be dishonest people.

Comment Legal Limits Are Crap (Score 1) 259

There is a huge problem with legal limits. The affects of alcohol are different for everyone. I've known grown men who could down a 40oz of Rye in an evening and still be standing, coherent and functional. I've also known average sized adult men that after 2 beers were slurring and drunk.

Alcohol affects everyone differently. The fact that her homeostasis is 4x the legal limit means her body has probably adapted to the constant presence of alcohol and she wouldn't have any of the symptoms of being drunk.

We need to find a better way to judge someone's ability to operate a vehicle other than the amount of chemicals in their blood.

Comment Re: How would they know the order? (Score 1) 101

Except though, how often do you only press the four digits of your pin. When you make a deposit of $10 or more you need to press at least 4 digits, the dollars and cents. So now you've pressed 8 numbers, and someone has to figure out which of the 8 buttons are for the pin #.

After 3 failed attempts the machine eats the card, and if it's retail the cars gets disabled.

So even best case scenario of having 24 combinations, you won't make it past 3 attempts.

Comment Re: wait, what? (Score 3, Insightful) 89

And all this can be prevented if administrators simply adding one line to their wp-config.php

define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

Wordpress provides a large amount of hardening functions like this, others allow the overriding of default file permissions of uploaded documents to 644 instead of 755 to prevent execution of uploaded scripts.

Developers need to educate themselves on the software they are provides to beat learn how to administrate it.

Comment Re: Like the 100 mpg carburetor (Score 1, Insightful) 67

Greedy? They are providing FREE Internet to the third world. I hardly consider that greedy.

They developed it as an education and communication tool, allowing access to Wikipedia, Google and Facebook.

That gives them access to knowledge, news, email, chat and other communication tools.

The only other thing I would add is Khan Academy.

Comment Re:Bullying (Score 1) 183

Use Slashdot's moderation and meta moderation style system. One irate idiot cannot negatively impact the score of a post or a users reputation. Multiple people need to report the same thing for a score to hold, then the meta moderators determine if the score assigned to a post was justified or not.

I assume Microsoft won't allow a single person's review of another user to hold much weight until multiple users are reporting the same thing, Likewise, I assume that users with a good reputation down voting a bad player will have more klout than a user with a bad reputation trying to down vote another user.

Comment Re:Without her permission? (Score 1) 367

As a parent, I will never give my kids school permission to access her cell phone, email accounts, Facebook or any other online account. If they have concern about the content of a post she makes, or a message she may have sent, they can raise the concern with me and I'll deal with it accordingly. If they track her online usage while at school, fine - all organizations do it, they have to from a liability standpoint, but demanding her password? I'll raise hell.

Comment No, not really (Score 1) 187

Yes, they got rid of the pinkish coloured background from top ads, and removed the separator from the side bar. But the ads are still separated by a grey line, have a yellow icon in front of the ad with the word "Ad" in it, and an exclamation mark in a circle beside the ad blocks. If you can't tell they are ads, you aren't paying attention.

Comment Other Legit Reasons (Score 1) 417

Our company has three root certificates installed, and I can't find a single MITM on any domains.

There are other legit reasons for issuing internal root certs, such as accessing secure internal resources, like intranets, email, domain authentication, attendance/payroll systems, etc.

Try going to a secure site, like facebook, and check to see if the cert was hijacked, then you know for sure.

Comment Seem Negligible (Score 0) 155

Seems like a negligible improvement. I mean really. With hard drive space plentiful, and bandwidth faster than most users can use at any given moment, saving 20-60Kb on a 1Mb file is like a fart in the wind, even for mobile users.

I'm with the AC in the first post, I use PNG for 90% of my images, since it supports transparency. The file may be slightly bigger, but who cares.

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