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Comment Re:And still people won't vote for Gary Johnson (Score 1) 691

Because people are not stupid. They don't like wasting their votes.

Have you ever thought about the fact the US is the only OECD country with only two parties in parliament? You think this is because people just love the Republicans and Democrats? Or maybe because the political system makes any third party completely inviable?

Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 5, Insightful) 769

You're overthinking it. The explanation is much simpler: Wikileaks was created and is run by English-speaking people, for whom it is much easier to make contact with sources and hackers that speak English. And the sources are going to leak from organizations in the US, because that is where they work. And the hackers are going to hack networks in the US, because these are the networks they know.

Comment Re:Wrong, evil and going to happen (Score 1) 101

TTIP is seen in Europe as purely an economic issue.

No it isn't. It is rather political, mainly because of the insistence of the US in demanding investor-state dispute settlement, i.e., that corporations should have the right to overturn laws that threaten their profits. Besides that, there is also the European aversion to GMOs, that would be sold here if TTIP were approved.

Comment Re:It's not computational power (Score 1) 65

Yep =)

What you are arguing against is a very common, and very wrong, way to explain how quantum computers work. It is notoriously hard to explain it concisely, but even Trudeau did better than that.

You do start by putting all the solutions of the problem in a superposition, but that in itself doesn't help, as if you just try to read it off you will get a random solution. And a random solution you could get just by running a classical computer with a random number generator.

What you have to do is make all the solutions interfere, a delicate coreography of wrong solutions cancelling each other and correct solutions being reinforced. After that you make a measurement, and get a correct solution with high probability.

Comment Re:Having a do-over (Score 1) 634

They are fucking themselves over if they accept such a demand. It would be the end of the EU. And how about the business lobby in the UK, that madly wants cheap labour from Portugal and Poland?

Well, but it is not that useful to discuss is it? Brexit happened, it is no longer a hypothetical. We shall see very soon who is right. Unfortunately, we shall.

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