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Comment Re:Just delete Trump's account (Score 1) 427

Wow. I gave you a direct quote from the guy and you accuse me of lying? Way to go champ! Denial of reality, dial it up to 11!

And I didn't say that his comment was racist. I said it was the textbook definition of hate speech. Check it out, see how insulting and inspiring hatred against a national group fits in the definition. And no, narrowing it down to Mexican immigrants doesn't make it any less hateful.

The idea that the Mexican government is somehow sending its undesirables to the US is just ridiculous. You would need a massive conspiracy to do that and cover it up. But lack of evidence never deterred any conspiracy theorist, so why do I bother?

Comment Re:Just delete Trump's account (Score 1) 427

I'm confused. I do agree that coyotes probably do a lot raping, and that most of them are probably Mexicans. So you are saying that you don't think that the Mexican immigrants are rapists? So you actually disagree with Trump? Or are you trying to say that Trump did not mean that the immigrants are rapists?

You are right, by the way, about my predictive power. I did think Hillary would win.

Comment Re:Just delete Trump's account (Score 1) 427

It was not one poorly worded statement. He repeated it several times. His VP repeated it. His whole campaign was built around scapegoating Mexicans. He didn't mean that "some" rapists are crossing the border. He meant that generically the Mexicans crossing the border are rapists, but "some" are good people. This is textbook hate speech: insulting and inspiring hatred against a national group.

As for all that raping, the report says that

Rape can be perpetrated by anyone along the way, including guides, fellow migrants, bandits or government officials, according to Fusion. Sometimes sex is used as a form of payment, when women and girls don’t have money to pay bribes.

So no Mexican immigrants doing raping (note that the report is talking about Central American immigrants, not Mexican immigrants. Even then, I'd bet that most of the raping is done by corrupt policemen, not fellow migrants). Of course, you are not going to let mere facts change your opinion that Mexicans are rapists, are you?

And if you are genuinely concerned about stopping the raping, as opposed to just insulting Mexicans, I have bad news for you. Trump has no intention of actually building a wall. He knows it is a stupid idea. An unwatched wall doesn't stop anyone. And the manpower that would be required to watch the whole US-Mexico border is just insane. And even the mosted watched border in the world, the one between Israel and Palestine, has tunnels being dug beneath it every now and then.

Do you want to know a simple way to stop all that raping overnight? Open the border. No more people smugglers, no more corrupt policemen, no more vulnerable people alone in the desert.

Comment Re:Just delete Trump's account (Score 0) 427

I don't actually believe you are interested, because this hateful quote has been repeated ad nauseum. You'd have to be living under a rock to miss it. But just in case you are being sincere, here it is:

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

It's hard to be more clear than he was. He is directly saying that Mexican immigrants are rapists. Some of them he assumes to be good people, implying that most aren't.

Comment Re:Reject for the Right Reasons (Score 1) 711

The "new" thing does not need to be a theory, I grant you that. In Milikan's case, it was the experimental discovery of the electron. In Rutherford's case, it was the experimental discovery of alpha particles. But still, you are subestimating the difficulty of the experiment: it was not a summer project by an undergrad, but 3 years of solid work by an accomplished physicists. Read about it, it's rather interesting.

I'm skeptical about your history of STM, do you have a citation for it? By the time it was invented tunnelling was rather well-understood, so I find it difficult to believe that they could get the theory that wrong. Also, the very fact that several groups were considering the idea puts it solidly on the camp of "possible but probably very hard" experiments, not on the camp of "impossible even in principle according to every theory ever written" that the EM drive belongs to.

Comment Re:Reject for the Right Reasons (Score 1) 711

I'm talking about experiments about fundamental physics. You are talking about technological applications. We are not communicating. The only exception is the Milikan oil drop experiment. I have no beef with that, it is relatively simple to do (I actually did it in university. It does require well made equipment, and a lot of patience to track the damn drops, but it is nothing outrageous). The thing is that it was testing a relatively new theory at the time (charge quantization), and it is natural that a new theory can suddenly open the floodgates to simple, cheap experiments. An even better example would be the bending of light due to gravity: that required only an eclipse and a telescope.

But the EM drive is not based in any theory; the one that applies to the setup is plain old classical electrodynamics. Do you really want to disprove classical electrodynamics with a simple EM cavity? Come on. A big part of doing science (which I actually do for a living) is choosing what ideas are worth experimenting. The reason is very simple: scarce funding and scarce manpower. And the EM drive is not worth a single cent or second.

Comment Re:Reject for the Right Reasons (Score 1) 711

The reason why discoveries are made with expensive experiments is that the cheap experiments have already been done. Seriously. Since they are cheap, they are tried first. And they are done over and over again to extract all possible papers from some experimental setup. Competing groups copy the experimental setup, replicate the results, and do their own variations. The likelihood that there is something left to explore with a simple, cheap experimental setup is just too low.

And this people are doing experiments with the simplest, cheapest device ever: an electromagnetic cavity. This has been tested to death for more than a century. And they are claiming that they are using it to overturn the most basic laws of physics we have, while giving zero theoretical explanation of why it should work? Come on. I am indeed claiming with all the arrogance, without even looking at their paper, that it doesn't work. It cannot work. It is just too stupid.

To make me change my mind, they would need to get their paper published in a serious scientific journal. Then I will begin to wonder if they have made an interesting mistake and read the paper.

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