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Comment Private Cloud (Score 1) 173

I don't want to use some company's cloud service. I want to store my data on my own NAS. I do want the convenience of accessing that information from anywhere though which is what cloud services offer. The reason I can't do this myself is that there is no eco-system for private clouds. What would a private cloud eco-system look like? Well it would consist of some opensource protocols for syncing from any device and a fixed IP with some storage attached to sync to. But fixed IPs are expensive because IP4 addresses are minimal. So the killer app for IPv6, it seems, is the private cloud. IPv6 => lots of private fixed address => private cloud to sync data to.

Submission + - LEGO releases Andriod app for NXT under GPL v3! ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: LEGO free and official direct remote control for Android devices and MINDSTORMS robots is released under GPL v3.
Cool stuff from LEGO this time after the fiasco with LEGO Universe. Look ma'! My robot is moving and all i need is a phone.. No PC needed. Hopefully ever.

Comment The cows analogy (Score 1) 446

If we all stopped eating meat would there be more/fewer cows in the world? If we stopped using trees for paper would there be more/fewer trees in the world? We aren't cutting down rain forests for paper (at least not in my country) - they tend to come from managed forestry that would just get turned over to grazing land if paper wasn't required any more.

Comment Champagne and Port (Score 1) 526

There was an interesting trade dispute that South Africa had with the European Union. The fact that South Africa made port and sold it as port and had been doing so since before the days of Napolean was contentious as the EU had decided that the word "port" was a piece of intellectual property owned by Portugal. SA had to change their naming to "fortified wine" if they wanted a trade agreement with the EU. Same goes for "champagne". In pretty much the whole world, "champagne" is recognised as a piece of intellectual property owned by the champagne region of France. The US does not abide by these rules and allows sparkling american wine to be labelled as champagne. Now I disagree with the back-dating of trademarks like "port" and "champagne" but I find it amusing that the US holds itself up as the world-wide champion of intellectual property and other countries should fall in line when that seems to only apply to US made products.

Comment So big, we have to use maths (Score 5, Funny) 233

This made me laugh. From TFA:
IPv4 uses 32-bit addresses and can support approximately 4.3 billion individually addressed devices on the Internet. IPv6, on the other hand, uses 128-bit addresses and can support so many devices that only a mathematical expression -- 2 to the 128th power -- can quantify its size.

Comment ECMAScript/Javascript = Mono/.NET (Score 1) 570

When Javascript was submitted to ECMA and became an open standard I didn't hear of loads of people saying "Don't use it, its a trap, Sun will pull the plug any day now and sue you for using their (now standardised) language". But loads of people say that about the ECMA standardised .NET. What's the difference? I'm sure you're about to tell me.

Feed Engadget: Sharp releases smaller-bigger LCDs (

Filed under: HDTV, Home Entertainment

Sharp is bringing to the US market a subset of the series of slimmer LCDs recently released in Japan. The D64U series of 1080p LCDs includes four models from 42 to 65 inches, all with re-engineered circuitry inside for a 25% slimmer and 20% lighter frame than previous product lines, while consuming less power. With the thinner bezel and smaller speakers, you might fit a 42-inch set where a 40 would normally go. The panels feature 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 4ms response time, and RS-232 automation controls. The series will be available later this month, with the 42-inch LC-42D64U retailing for $2,099, the 46-inch LC-46D64U for $2,699, and the 52-inch LC-52D64U for $3,799, with the 65-inch LC-65D64U unpriced and following in September.

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Submission + - Baby Einstein Not So...Einsteinian? (

Derek Hudson writes: "A research team at the University of Washington has discovered that simply plopping Junior down in front of the boob-tube and letting him suck up learnin' from a video may not be the best for his little mind; in fact, it may actually impede development. Although the article over at Time isn't kind to baby videos in general, The Baby Einstein videos have been specifically implicated in delaying vocabulary development in children 8-16 months old. In the words of Dr. Dimitri Christakis, who lead the study, "The more videos they watched, the fewer words they knew..." and, according to the LA Times Article, he "would rather babies watch 'American Idol' than these videos..." Ouch.

The article; however, doesn't mention whether or not the videos affect the youngins' grasp of theoretical physics."

Feed Engadget: HDMI-equipped Xbox 360 Premiums still carry 90nm chips (

Filed under: Gaming

Well it appears that despite all of our wishing, hoping, and positive-thinking exercises, Microsoft has failed to deliver on a small dream of ours, namely, 65nm chips for the new HDMI-rocking Xbox 360 Premiums. Despite signs pointing otherwise, new photos show that this batch of systems continue to carry the Zephyr motherboard layout, which uses the older, hotter 90nm chips, though the boys in Redmond have addressed the heat issue a little bit with the addition of a second "daughter" heatsink attached to the CPU by heatpipe. The new 65nm "Falcon" boards -- which chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) confirmed are in production -- are still on their way according to the rumor mill, slated for release sometime this Fall. Interestingly, Microsoft and TSMC have just laid plans to produce the Xbox's graphics-memory subsystem using the chip manufacturer's 90nm embedded DRAM spec. We won't speculate on when we'll start seeing that addition appear, however.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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