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Comment Kitty litter (Score 2) 20

Kitty litter is not such an odd choice as the article makes it out to be. The mineral variety is typically made out of sodium bentonite. This is well known for its ability to absorb more than its own weight in water, which also causes it to swell and therefore seal cracks, enhanced by its self-sticking capability. Kitty litter has a well-defined grain size and would be fine to use so long as one didn't switch brands. Wikipedia even lists a method for determining whether kitty litter has bentonite or not.

Comment Re:Some interesting information on that topic (Score 1) 166

Incidentally, I've read (although I can't remember where, but I'll have to put the effort into finding it sometime) that if you use ice core proxy data for the last 150 years, this spike is completely gone. Meaning, of course, these kind of "unprecedented, rapid" fluctuations could have been happening the entire time, and we'd never know, because we don't have anything other than low resolution proxy data for that time period.

That's a great argument style - blatantly lie and claim you'll look up the source of the lie later. Oh look, a graph with proxy data extending into the most recent 150 years, and showing a spike. https://www.ipcc.ch/publicatio...

Comment Re:Sure. (Score 2) 343

No, you won't reduce the weight. The flapping wings will decrease the pressure above them and increase the pressure below them. These pressure differences, when integrated over the surface area of the enclosed air space and averaged over the entire time the pigeon is flying, will exactly equal the weight of the pigeon.

Comment Re:Worse than the space station? No. (Score 1) 684

"And once there, water and soil could be extracted"

Don't confuse what's on the surface of Mars with soil. Soil has a huge organic content that helps it hold on to water and that acts as a pH buffer, amongst other things. The stuff on Mars is just dirt, and toxic dirt at that, contaminated with perchlorates and other salts. Once that stuff is washed out, you are still stuck with dirt. Then again, I suppose you'll have a lot of human poo to mix in, so there's your organic content.

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 0) 381

Only there have always been fat people

Some have been fatter than others, but only to a point and only in places and times where it was possible to eat to excess.

You do know that fat isn't a magic substance that appears out of nowhere, don't you? It is a product your body creates from *excess* calories it can't use for any useful purpose and stores the energy for later use in times of scarcity.

Obesity is the result of there being no time of scarcity for the people making the rest of us suffer from it.

We have paintings of obese people from 4000 years ago

No, we don't. Chubby, maybe, but not obese. In any case they were not the fucking norm as they are today due to the overabundance of food coupled with the entitlement and lack of self-control which are defining features of the obese.

It isn't basic physics.

Yes, it absofuckinglutely is.
Fat is created from excess calories and not from magic. Get all the piggies to admit that fact and then we can talk about tangential issues.

"What causes the cravings"

Irrelevant. What causes the fat to hang off you is eating too much food. That is the state of the argument. Overwhelming numbers of obese people are saying that that is not true and that their weight has zero to do with how much they eat.

This is why there is such a huge pushback against the wave of fat fucks clogging our medical system.

If you're one of the couple hundred people in the entire world who actually Prader-Willi syndrome, than that sucks but it still doesn't change the fact that extra adipose is caused by eating more food than you need.

If you do not have that condition, then you are a whining lying cunt.

If you were to force yourself to act like a human being instead of a pig, then you would be capable of resetting your hormones so your hunger pangs only trigger when you actually need food not when you've made a tiny bit of space that you've always crammed with more shit.

Act like an adult, not a whiny entitled fat fucking child.

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score -1, Flamebait) 381

"Different body chemistry caused by the gut bacteria and behavior could cause your body to store more fat and rob you of energy until you can't stick with your current regiment and you start packing on pounds. "

Bullshit you retarded pile of pig shit.

If your mewlings had any value whatsoever then answer this:

How come nobody as fat as your dumb ass ever existed prior to several decades ago?

Jesus fucking christ you butter huffing pigs are retarded.

Obesity is a new thing based solely upon the availability of too much food and the ease of getting it.

You're fat because you eat too fucking much for the amount of energy you require. This is basic physics.

If you forced yourself to act like a human being for a month you'd see changes in your hormones that would make you want to act like a human being instead of forcing yourself to do it.

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