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Submission + - Computerworld Predicts PC's Demise ( 1

ipoverscsi writes: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols of sometime-relevant ComputerWorld Magazine has predicted the demise of the PC at the hands of Apple, Inc.. From the article: "What has happened, though, is that Apple has earned its billions and the respect of stock-buyers by switching its focus from desktop and laptops to tablets and mobile devices. Just as the rise of the PC spelled the eventual decline, and sometimes demise, of such mainframe and midrange computer companies as DEC, Honeywell and Unisys, the rise of devices with built-in computing power and high-speed networking points the way to the fall of the PC-centric companies." I hope Michael Dell is paying attention!

Submission + - Components, Builds and Configuration Management writes: I've recently been placed in charge of configuration management for a modest programming team in a Fortune 500. As a software engineer, I've used version control software before, but I've never had to do it for 100 projects. The repository contains multiple products managed by different development teams on independent release schedules, and some products used shared components (DLLs). The current repository is a mess — you basically have to check out everything in order to build some products because there's no telling what dependencies it's pulled in — and it needs to get reorganized to allow us to achieve CMMI compliance. Best practices on managing repositories of this size and complexity are hard to come by, so I'm looking for some some real world experience on how other people have tackled this problem. How did you organize project folders (e.g. src, bin, include directories per project)? How was the nightly build affected by shared components? How did you track and manage dependencies? If you had to make deployment packages (MSI), how did you manage the shared components?

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