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Comment Re:Speed... not. (Score 1) 105

Speed is nice but not the goal, lowing the cost of production would be ideal. Cheap machines reasonable cost of material so when you need something you don't need to send out for it. Print a replacement scissor for the broken G key on your laptop. A new button knob or battery cover for your gadget, a zipper foot for your sewing machine, a few more plastic knitting needles, an upholstery attachment for your vacuum cleaner. items that it might be cheap to mass produce but the demand at any given moment is rather low so your local stores don't carry them, items that it's a pain in the ass to send away for. From there you can move to the simple items the stores do carry so you can save yourself a trip. Why get your cheap plastic crap form china when you'll be able to print it at home for the cost of the plastic, you don't NEED 600 a minute.

Comment Re:Romney's just like Bush jr. (Score 1) 238

I saw the video of that. For whatever my opinion is worth, not much I admit, he looked half awake and I got the impression he was trying to say 50 states in 7 days but his sleep deprived brain didn't quite make it.

Big flubs bother me, little ones form either party don't. When you make fun of Bush for saying misunderestimated or Obama for saying 57 states you're not engaging in political commentary you're just being an asshole. I save my jerkass comments for the people who's slip-ups reveal what they really think like that Akin fellow.

Comment Re:None of the Above (Score 1) 238

If no one gets a majority of the electoral votes (Plurality isn't good enough) the house of representatives gets to choose the new president with each state getting one vote. If they deadlock they keep holding ballots till someone wins. If the new president's term starts before one is chosen then the vice president chosen by the senate holds power till there's a president.

Comment Re:This is really dire. (Score 1) 67

Someone needs to 3d model some sewing machine feet. Small, useful (to people who sew), not always easy to find. And the little plastic scissor parts in notebook keyboards, the little guns and swords kids lose form their action figures, crochet hooks.....

I really should take the time to learn one of the many 3d modeling programs out there.

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