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Comment Re:In the US (Score 1) 595

If that were actually true, I would have to sign a thing refusing the antibiotics when I go to the doctor's office (usually, I'm damn sick by that time.) The dr. with then say they are going to prescribe antibiotics, I ask if the antibiotics are necessary, and the dr. puts away the prescription pad. I walk out with the understanding that what I have has a very low chance of killing me, and that I am doing my body service by allowing it to fight its battles.

Comment Re:idea: switch to alphanumeric (Score 1) 460

Yeah, you don't understand what the octets are, do you?

11000000.10101000.00000000.00000001. Now convert these into four base10 numbers. What do you end up with?

Now, if you convert to "alphanumeric" (I think you mean ascii) _every_ letter and number gets eight bits.
0011000101101000 0011001001110100 0111100101101010 0011010100110110 0110101000110000

Or, padding this with another two octet pairs of zeroes...


And then you don't have to worry about those unwritable ascii codes either.

Comment Re:Face palm (Score 1) 539

"what if you had data on there you didn't want
unauthorized people to see?"

That's the wrong question..

"What if you had sensitive data on their that you are contractually required to restrict access to?"

I certainly wouldn't expect datacenter company to root a box. Unilaterally turning it off if it is causing problem, sure, but that isn't accessing the data.

Comment Re:Still looks like a big-ass gun to me... (Score 5, Insightful) 746

Right, but in this instance the police acted appropriately... They were alerted to a potential threat, contained it, discovered it wasn't a threat at all and left. No charges were filed, and a suggestion was given that would result in a whole lot of police and Bungie staff not having their time wasted.

To the guy that said carrying the gun was political speech. Bullshit. In this instance, an employee was carrying a piece of equipment from point a to point b. That equipment just happened to be something that the general public took as a threat. The police suggested a way to alleviate time wasted in the future.

If they were to actually carry this item as political speech, it would be wise to alert the police that you are doing so _before_ you start marching around with a fake gun. Otherwise, you are _very_ likely to be looking down the barrel of a very real gun.

Comment Re:Not ZFS? (Score 2, Interesting) 487

On a similar note, they claim that they will backup any one computer for $5/month. Well, my one computer happens to be the backup node for my SAN, so they're going to need about 15 TB (It's a small SAN) to have 30 day backups for me. Please note, that all of the files on my SAN are under 4GB and I have a SAN, not a NAS, so my servers see it as a native hard drive.

Comment Re:Stay classy (Score 1) 290

Or it could be that the Palm Sync was largely PPC code running in emulation on intel machines, and the cost of porting it to intel was not in the interest of Apple, given all of the other work they had to do with making the entire OS x86 compatible, plus the availability of a better product (The Missing Sync), plus the fact that the manufacturer no longer supports the OS.

Nah, you're right. It's all about Steve, and the fact that he would rather you get an iPhone, rather than an aged device with an ancient OS. Which is a valid reason for a business as well.

Comment Re:Another Note on this. (Score 1) 467

No one's thinking about the other part of the puzzle. The iranian government is free to use these proxies for whatever evil they want to strike up. Your proxy for a free Iran may just be the conduit for an attempt to hack into the pentagon, and you aren't any more the wiser.

I support the people of Iran accessing the internet (as well as all humans) and communicating. I support those that know how to properly setup a nicely sandboxed proxy with access going to only facebook and twitter. However, if you don't know what you are doing, you can help whatever enemy you perceive you are fighting against, as well as get yourself in a whole lot of trouble.

Remember, you are essentially becoming a combatant in what is looking like a foreign civil war. Do you really understand the battle?

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